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I would like to invite you to your Inspiration of Love. I am inspired to share in a day of Loving Inspiration .

If you would like to spend your day with a small loving group, opening to the Divine Inspiration you are, and you are of, there is a space for you.

Yes, this is short notice, that is what inspiration can look like. Out of Control!

How wonderful, when opportunity knocks, you can ignore it or step into  exploring and experience.the harmony that can show up in letting go and letting God…Letting Love flow. The plan is not to control but, to show up and be open, let go, receive and well who knows what abundance awaits. Get out of control in your mind, letting the I know, it should be, or this is what I want, step into allowing.

I will not say anymore, because I don’t know and I don’t control this. It will be a day of Loving Inspiration

Details How you register.

May 29th, 2017 –  Monday

Time: 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Tuition $300.00

Be willing to let go and receive.

Registration: Call 415-606-4883 or email

Much Inspiration and love to all…



Control … Love … Uplift … Choice


“There’s the old expression, “The things that we don’t understand, we fear. And the things we fear we hate.” Whenever we find hate has an entrance into us, there’s something in us that needs an awakening. We’ve got to wake up and see who’s at the door. We have to see what our true self is letting through, and how we’re perceiving the environment.”

-John-Roger, DSS

We are free to choose our path even when it does not appear to fit what others may want or need.  Im not talking about inflicting on another. This choice can seem like an action of separation, yet if you are aligned in Beloved within, you will know the step you are choosing is love.

It is not to control others or even yourself. It is walking a path that is in ease, uplifting in Love. This path will wind, have ups and downs no matter how hard you try to control outcomes. The ultimate outcome is Awakening in the Arms of the Beloved.

This step is not in judgement of others, if you are judging yourself  or others for not understanding your choice, you are no longer in the Beloved awareness, you have moved into separation within. This is not a righteous place, the Beloved is open and in Gratitude of how we all show up. No one has to understand or agree with your choice. Check and see if you are hurting yourself or hurting another.? Or Is it uplifting and expanding?

You can-not control what someone else feels or tells themselves.  Even when you choose with Love, you may see others do not understand, this is the Human experience. We are in our own veils of Karma and will perceive through that lens what is happening. The only way to begin to understand, is to get the altitude through your Beloved eyes. This attunement usually requires going inside to the Beloved, connecting to The Beloved. This is done through meditation. Soon you will walk in the awareness of this Beloved, as you build the bridge through meditation in Spirit and clear through Grace the veils that create the illusion of separation.

So now Let go, you will find your voice of love when you allow the Spirit of loving to lead you on your path.

What uplifts you will be a good sign post. If there is fear or resistance, go within and begin again by getting altitude. See if the fear is just holding you in an old place or is this a step that needs some refinement?  Sometimes we must first step  over-through the fear and that will illuminate  the path which will refine as we go. What-ever you choose there will be Light assistance to walk with you, even when you stumble, if you pause and go to the Beloved, you will be lifted in the light and assisted. Nothing is Terminal. There is always more choices and assistance. God is Infinite. This is about change. Change within and the path will appear.

Much Love and Light to Your walk, each step being full of light. This step can be small yet illuminate the next step. When you choose this step of love and light you will see the road begins to meet you and guide you. This is the dance of you in Spirit as one. C.M.

Gratitude ~ Attitude



Gratitude is a state of being, it is Love, it is Joy, it is full ,in sharing and caring. It is inspiration. Have you noticed how your cells, your body, mind, and emotions lift when you share gratitude, this can be silently with yourself, the can be silent with God, this can be silent when you think of someone in your heart, gratitude comes up. It shows up in so many ways always including a sense of full Love. This is sharing in the Beloved as one.

This is not new information, yet I challenge you in this very moment to pause and move quietly inside and experience gratitude for the Breath that is present, and all that is participating in that sharing.

BE inspired in gratitude . You will lift and see the path of Love is guiding it all.

Much Gratitude and Love to and for all…


Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers in all of Us. Divine Mothers Love.


Celebrate those you Love and Celebrate the Mother inside you. We all have been Mothered and Mother Love is passed along to all of us. Divine Mother Love.

Woman ~ Man ~ and Child. Caring, Sharing Loving in all of it.

If you do not know this, take a moment and allow this to come forward then celebrate and share that part of you. You have this…

Happy Mothers Day to All