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Gift of Light of Love


With- in you are gifts that are revealing themselves as you open yourself to the Loving Light. The opportunity to open this gift of God you are, this song of God you are –  is present now.

Be patient and loving, step forward in the Spirit, open your heart to the unknown and allow the gift to unfold. Releasing the ties that have held you tight in a place that is small.

Gift Certificates are a beautiful gift of Love to yourself or to a Loved One. Private Sessions and Session Packages are opportunities to unwrap in the Loving Light.

Give the Inner Experience of Love – Healing to yourself or share,. We uplift and others uplift…

For Session appointments or to give a gift, email or call 415-606-4993

In Loving Service





Tis the Season of Expanding Divine Love


Tis the season…of Divine Love Awakening Here and Now…

I offer you Love in Kindness, Tenderness, expanding letting go of the places the restrict, confine, deny, and more. I offer you Breath, remember yourself in the breath of love…

Breathe in the love, Breathe out what is restricted. Breathe in the Love, awaken your self in the present breath, be in this, as it is constant. If you with -hold this breath, you deny yourself the Miracle of God Love, – Breath – Breathing you. You are One Breath.

Celebrate in kindness, love tenderness and joy. When you experience a push that is disturbing, remember what is pushing you may be pushing against love, as the LightLove  is awakening the places that withhold in doubt, judgement and more.

Be present, Be kind, Be Love, Be Breathed in Love.

Blessing of Love and Light to You and All…


Season of Inspired Divine Love


Tis the season of inspiration devoted to Divine Love.

We share in celebration with others, the celebration is generated within. These uplifting opportunity times are always infused with challenges. These are just the places that are lighting up…Take time to go within. Do not forget that this is what is calling us. The Divine Love awakening in us. Letting go of judgments and separation within allows the flow of God to be present in ease.

Enjoy the Beloved’s in your life, remember you are the key to all this celebration. Do not be discouraged when you are challenged in this time, it is perfect. It is your opportunity to heal, awaken those places to the Divine that is inspiring you and all that is here.

Grace is at hand. It is here now, we must be present to be awake to this Grace, the Presence. Celebrate the infinite Love – Joy that is here within and relax in the flow. Share your heart and that is the Gift of God.

You are the song of God, find your inner tune – attunement and lift in celebration.

Joy to the World…

Wishing all of you a Grace- Love filled holiday and life.

In Loving Gratitude



Expanding the Inner Presence – Letting Go of Separation – Series of 3 Workshop, December 2nd, 9th, 2018, & 3rd Date TBD by group. Carpinteria Ca. Still a space for you.


To be in the presence is to be present in wholeness of Love of Spirit. This is a place of expansion, creativity, inspiration, up-liftment, joy, quiet peace.

When we come together as One Love we we lift each other as we reflect what is present that may be blocking, also what is in Loving alignment . There is always more expansion available. To know you are Divine is an awareness awakening. This is the process of our life, we choose this path as a focus. To create a life of Love, Joy, in abundance in all ways is as simple as being willing to be present with what is and explore the places that are in resistance, separation from the Love, the Divine that is present.

Join me in exploring, unlocking these places opening the doors wide in Light in Love in Creative Song. We will be creating the space to hear, know and be in the flow. Creating in that flow the new inspirations.

This class will include, meditation , using art and Loving light Processes, inner and sharing. The purpose of this class is to support you in  opening more to your Inner Presence of Infinite Love. Unveiling what has been blocking you and unveiling the amazing Beloved you.

Dates : December 2nd and December 9th and 3rd Class Date TBD.

Class Times – 12:30pm to 6:30pm with a dinner break

Tuition:  $750 prepaid by November  19th ,2018  Tuition after November 19th –  $900

Taking each class individually is available now. Tuition $300. per class.

Register call 415-606-4883 or email

Long Distance participation is available. – Taking part via Skype or Zoom is also possible for a few.

Location Carpinteria Ca.