Monthly Archives: April 2021

Speak Form the Inner Heart

Simple Self Awareness

Take time before connecting with others to check in and see are you open in Love in you or are you pulling – dropping down or pulling from others? Take time to connect to your heart center all day, every moment. If you live only in your mind and belly you are missing the flow of Love Light that is generating you. This little awareness is the big shift in your life. Be Love- when you feel off, go to the love in you, touch your heart center, Breathe in and let go, and do it again and again.

Take Time to Be Love …. In your life, in all ways. Focus on this Heart – center and as you allow the breath flow you will experience love – calm – flow taking over. It is natural. Let go of control to this simple, yet powerful place to begin, be the middle and end of your moment by moment life flow.

Share in this simple awareness, bring enthusiasm, which can be an uplift in you as you speak. You are this love. Take Time – Adjust – Be Aware of this Center and Share in this flow with others. Be the Flow of love. Be Self Aware.

In Loving Service