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Vulnerable – Sharing – Communication


I have this wonderful heart that is always opening to what I am. Love is the inspiration that is the motivation of Life. The Love I am speaking of is innocent, it is one of Spirit that has no limit.

I also know that my physical levels are not completely free in Love. My life is a constant opportunity to Love. I am also presented with energies, situations, that challenge this with-in me daily, and sometimes moment by moment.

I have found being able to be still and with my self on the Inner allows the discomfort to surface, then to let go to the Loving Light. When we are constantly trying to push away what is going on, it does not disappear it moves to the subconscious and will run our lives in separation. We may tend to put walls up in communication, by constantly trying to control communications.

I challenge you to be with yourself in Love, in the discomforts that may be pushing you to control your relationships. We may draw controlling people to us, as they are reflections of our own way of sharing.

I surrender to those parts that want to be right, want to appear completely perfect. I give up to them in Love, and they relax, and suddenly I am,  my vulnerable innocence . This is a powerful place, as I am focused in Love, my goal is a being- ness, which has no need to control, or prove anything. In this surrender, I am one sharing in Love and intimacy with those who choose.

I am grateful for the peace in my Life.  In the Peace I continue to be challenged to know, be a greater Love. These things go Hand in Hand.  So this is an experience of greater knowing of the Beloved with-in. This is an experience that knows when challenges show up, there is a loving calling to awaken in places that have been hiding in separation.

Be willing to be still and know what comes up is a place that is calling for Love. Attunement of the Spiritual heart will be a gift of constant expansion. To expand we must be willing to be honest, vulnerable, and intimate with ourselves, which leads to more intimate relationships.

Open your Heart. You are the Beloved.

In Love


Happy Love Day – Love Life – Be Love – Always – All Ways – Enjoy the Love Songs Below…


Listen and Open your Heart – Uplift in Your love Song… Enjoy!  – Patti Griffen Heavenly Day – Lady Gaga The Hills are Alive with Sound of Music! – Avett Brothers Ain’t No Man – Paul McCartney – Let it Be  – Jordan Feliz – Beloved
Thank you to those who shared these love songs…
Happy Heavenly Day!
In Love

MEDITATION GATHERING – Rescheduled March 19th, 2018…Light

When things become stirred  up in your life, this only means there are opportunities of transformation calling you to freedom. The answers are with-in.

Join us once a month to gather for meditation with others, in Loving Light support. Gathering with others allows a group energy to expand, as we are all connected in the Light – the Beloved we are and are of.

Regenerate your inner balance, clearing and letting go through the comfort of Light Love attunement. Tuning to the Beloved with-in aligns the inner world which is the key to all experience This is a loving beautiful way to create comfort in clearing what is holding in negativity, fear, hurt, worry and more. Take One Hour for realignment with-in, come with a willing heart to let go and receive. 

Take time for yourself each day, and go with-in, attune to the Loving you are, this is your song. You will sing through your day.

Donations appreciated.
1) Bring a yoga mat and blanket, as we have limited seating. 
2) Dress in comfortable clothing. 
3) Eat light before. Bring drinking water. 
4) Bring a Journal to write in after, in case you have an inspiration you want to      remember.
CONTACT NUMBER:  415-606-4883 

Soul – In Love


It is redundant to say you are free in your Soul because the Soul, by its very nature, is free. But to be aware of the Soul and that divine freedom may not always be easy. The mind (God bless it) is an eternal obstacle that can stand between us and Soul consciousness. As part of universal mind, it is part of the world of illusion and the negative realms.

-John-Roger, DSS

What is Honest ? We are Multi- dimensional Beings – All is Reflection…


There is infinite creation. We are multi – dimensional and there are infinite messages, patterns in our field, that is Karma we have created. We are hard pressed to control what others receive in our communication. If we are someone who likes control this can be a big challenge to accept our part in it.

If we are truly living in Love, and unconditional within ourselves, we know our vulnerabilities are great strength . When we are with others who share honestly, we do not judge or fear them. To truly be free honesty and open communication with-in will allow the same in the world. Allowing the vulnerabilities to be the path of Love keeps us free. We have nothing to hide, we know we have unknown Karma that will surface and challenge us. It is all ours. If we judge anyone we are in Karma. It probably is the very thing you are doing and afraid of in yourself, in some way, it may not be exactly, but it will be the same.

We have choices every day to be honest to ourselves, when we manipulate through passive control, we are in separation and relationships tend to become challenged. This is an inner relationship that is being brought forward. Being aware of yourself, allow all of yourself to come forward in truth without judgement is scary. We have been taught that to be in control means we are “successful, normal” and many other labels. Until we can allow ourselves to be honest in our vulnerabilities, we will continue to have relationships that seem to bring up judgment on others.

The “truth” is a moving target, as it is always changing. We are in constant change, be willing to know if something comes forward in our lives as a misunderstanding, we also have part in it. We are never a victim, we brought this to ourselves as an opportunity to clear, in Love a pattern of creation.  It is an opportunity to Love, and if we choose to create more separation in judgment, we will probably experience more of the same.

So the truth leads to Love, Kindness, understanding, the willingness to go with-in and explore what we have been holding in separation.

I am grateful to be on this road of God, the alchemy is constant, and it is for the strong of Heart. I am challenged as everyone is, and all that walk into my world I have brought forward to have the experience of Love. When there is an “upset” it is another opportunity to clear Karma in Love, not judgment or manipulation. I am in Gratitude and Love…For all that pass my way.