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Spring Retreat – The Beloved ONE is Present. **February 28, March 1,2 & 3, 2023** In Person and Zoom is Available. There is a Loving Space for You.

“Be in Love” we are ONE Love.

Self Discovery – Exploration is the journey, we move in, unlocking the resistance – separation we hold tight to. The more we attune ourselves to the Beloved presence in us, we find it everywhere. We also become more sensitive – aware when we move into a place of with – holding love to ourselves or others. This is an infinite design and we have many ways we have forgotten to be present in ourself, radiating in Love. Giving and receiving – Receiving and Giving. The human is perfectly imperfect, can we love all of ourselves? This awakens the frequency of Love within more and more.

” What you seek is you” Rumi

This is where you will find the Beloved within, by letting go into love. The Divine flow of God beats your heart. Be present – allow what is surfacing to awaken to remember – Be Love is present. Fill yourself by being present.

Join me and a small group this March in Ojai California to spend 3 and 1/2 days refining the discrepancies of Love. Unlock these confused places, opening the loving flow that you are. Remebering yourself as the Beloved.

Dates and Times:

February 28th, Tuesday – 4:00pm Pacific Time end time 7:00pm

March 1st, Wednesday – – 9:30am to 5:30 pm PT

March 2nd, Thursday – 9:30am – 5:30pm PT

March 3rd Friday – 9:30am – 5:30pm PT end time could vary.

There will be some hiking – walks. NO challenging hikes. Just Beauty.

Location – Accommodation:

Ojai California. Let them know you are with Christi Mider

Tuition: $800 – payment can be made via Venmo Christi – mider or Zelle or PayPal

Register : Please email me at

Phone contact is 415-606-4883 please leave a message I will get back asap.

In Loving Service


Sharing Flow

The voice you listen to.

The loving expansion within is always in cycles of the caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. The cycle will bring new experiences in nuances and greater ways, just when we ” think” we know what is going on and we are on the right path, we may find things challenge us. These challenges are gifts. They are asking us to look deeper into ourselves and see and ask am I free in my loving and am I allowing others their freedom? Do I need everyone to see it my way? Even do I think I know better? The main place to go is to the heart. We will find when we move inward, and upward, we find places that probably are holding onto validation of others, not knowing love is present no matter what. All expressions are Loved even when we can’t understand.

It can seem exciting when we launch on a new endeavor, and it is. Then we have the constant opportunity to let go and allow the flow of love to lead. This is in us. Leading is and can be – being present in love – no push – not even a doing. Allowing others to be who they are and follow their own inner guidance and choices. Sometimes this brings us into a mutual focus and sharing and sometimes it looks different, yet loving is still present.

Each cycle brings new opportunity, allow this to be a journey of observation, when we find ourselves all in and we can not lift and observe in love and see that the unknown is manifesting and we can allow this to lead in Love. No Push just a dance of stepping and letting go in Love.

We are ONE – we all are unique and have our path of Love designed perfectly for each of us. We may not understand others but, can we observe and allow? Take care in love inside and move from this place, no demands.

Be the Love and allow Flow inside and how we share in this world. Let the guidance come through in ease and clarity. No one has to…No one should… Just be Love in relaxation. This allows creativity in ways known and unknown. Let everyone choose their path. Be Love…

We all are Beloved – Be – Loved