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We are light in motion. When we align with our center loving , we let go of our fear or negative stories that seem so real.

When we understand we are always evolving with experience, we learn to allow the flow of life to be our playground of growth. Letting go of the hurt and negative beliefs, moving love through them all. we find our lives are full of grace no matter what the condition is in the moment. This peaceful place is within us. Be willing to love your fears or negativity into knowing that all is well. Letting the pain and suffering drift away, replacing it with your heart breath of love.

There is a knowing that begins to sing in you that replaces the fears and pain. It becomes louder than the old stories and you are new in every loving  breath.  


With the help of spirit, I can track these patterns. Some may be brought in from past life experiences and others from this life.

Through this process, you can access the locks that are present now, clear them with light, opening the door to other possibilities.

You are the key that holds the map of karma you have laid out for yourself in this lifetime.

This work brings relief and healing emotionally, physically and spiritually, bringing you closer to the truth in loving and opening you up for more grace in your life.

FOR APPOINTMENT  415-606-4883

SESSIONS : $350 for one, allow 2 hours , Series of 3 @ $900

I also offer phone and Skype sessions. Phone and skype sessions.

The series is a very powerful way to commit to yourself and spirit, allowing a clear path of loving transformation. I recommend this for those who are just starting the work or are in more challenging times. I recommend they be done no further apart than 2 weeks.

I am located in the Santa Barbara area and travel to San Francisco, Sun Valley Idaho and New York.

Love and Light to our journey here together.


The beauty of time is it is limitless. The space in between that seems silent and still, is the place your creation is vibrating into creation.
Bring the focus on love into this space and you will experience the knowing of your co- creation of heaven on earth.
Look inside for the experience of love with spirit and you will know all is here and possible. You will know your truth.

The new is at hand in every breath. 


The innocent heart is the core of our loving self. This holds the purity of the love we are and are made of.

The life experiences that expand and challenges this self, allow us to love past all the illusion with the tender strength that comes from walking in our human creation. The heart beat of the innocent love continues at the core of our growth. Let your life experience expand into understanding love in all of it.  It is always there. The expanding is the alchemy of the illusion of separation into the constant love that is the core of you. It is not a new place it is a coming back to yourself as one love with God .

Be Home… Be Love…