Monthly Archives: October 2016



Do you know how to spell it? “S t u p i d”…, we are not in our true self, but it feels so real. We all are just Love at the core. When we believe we know what someone else feels or is thinking we probably are in a Karma of our own making. These illusions can feel and seem more real than the truth of love. We may tend to go on defense or attack. Accusing others of separation when we are the one in separation. This separation can occur in our imagination or feeling that are also imagined. When someone does come with judgement, you are still the one responsible for what you do with it inside you. This is just another opportunity to clear what you have been holding onto. Just be willing to go for the love and find out where you are holding onto something that is hurt inside you, believing you are judged in separation. It is all you.When we are willing to look inside our own conversation with ourselves, we can love that place of judgement back to freedom in Love. Sharing and caring in a way that allows all to live in the freedom that is uplifting for each. We begin to appreciate how each of express and bring love to the sharing.
Be willing to step out of judgment and move to the love to free the spaces within that are holding you in restriction and separation.
Be the Love…

P.S. When I share these things it not because I am  perfect at this, it is because I am always exploring these things inside me. When I experience a loving shift I am inspired to share.

I  have heard and explored this for many many years yet, it always offers more knowing when it is available in me through experience. There is always more as long as we are here, having the human experience. Always a student. Always more gifts await. Be a student of love within. Be willing to not know to know, this is a love expanding experience. You will know and then not know.This allows more to be present. This is neutral expansion of love.

Much Love and Light.