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Freedom in Love or Control in Illusion

This is a world of reflection. We are reflective light.

When we are focused on the world around us as the only reality and that we are at the mercy of what others are doing, we will tend to believe we are powerless until ” they change” or the world has to change before we can be at peace, happy and move in Love.

So we become the same vibration of what we are  disturbed by. Meeting what we believe holds us hostage with same energy only creates more of the same. So once again we feel trapped. When we begin to wake up to knowing we have choice and choosing starts from the inside, not from others giving us permission or even agreeing, we also know we have choice to move and share in a loving way while focusing on a loving outcome. This does not mean we do not get upset or angry, but, we know that is not the only way to make change.

My experience with this is very visceral.  I know what I like to be around what affects me in a negative way or positive way. I do not have the ability yet to step into a room of negativity and stay completely clear , but when I go inward at that time and move to my own comfort and loving inside me I begin to relax and breath. I experience an attunement with the Light in a Brighter, Lighter Loving way and let go of  TRYING to control what is present and allowing the spirit the Light to step in taking the energy to a Light Brighter up-liftment.

If I try and  meet anger or control a situation or people, it becomes a jail inside and out. I am now in the game of war and illusion. I am in separation of allowing the flow of support.

We are always in a time of choice, yes it is collectively obvious that there is much choice at hand. Being a responsible co-creatoer means being  self aware of your own contribution to what is taking place. How are you inside? Are you at war and trying to control from a place of lack or are you open to healing the war inside and learning your own power in co-creating from a positive place inside. This does not mean the other negative energies will go away, it just means you are choosing to lift the Planet from your inner Planets, focusing and stepping into action from Love. Stepping towards what is the uplifting sharing. Unifying in Love your own inner war allows communication to flow where there was only loud upset. When we hear ourselves inside fighting, judging we have an opportunity to pause and go deeper to healing in the light. Letting go of the war we carry inside allows us to hear what step or steps to take.

How can I give?  How can I give up the war and find peace and love in my sharing? Giving up the negativity the control allows the flow of love and abundance. Do not look to others to give you your answers, you have them, you must first love yourself, this mean be honest, not righteous, be innocent, drop the costume of the knower and allow the Student of love step forward. Stop trying and start being and moving to place of light inside and in your life.

If you continue to try and control others or this world you will always be in battle and feel  fearful of the truth. You will always feel disappointed and lost. There is no shame other than the one you tell yourself. That is just a story and belief you carry.

This is an infinite Universe , God is Infinite , the unknown is where you will find freedom. We choose to share in Light or to share in the victim mode. We choose to hide and be afraid of our own Divinity. When we begin to let go and let God we find the Peace and Love are present even while the outer world which is all refection goes on.

Be Brave, Look in the Mirror with Loving eyes and see all that is there. Be Brave, Love it all and listen to your inner guidance. No one can save you, You are the answer you are looking for. What is uplifting? What is Loving? How do you serve Love?

Be the Love BE the Light, Let go…



Abundant Flow

How do we stay open to the unknown in abundance?

Being in abundance and continuing to keep the innocence of the flow with out stepping into control, retraction, or holding on tight to an outcome.  Being the abundance is the outcome and the source of flow resonates with you, through you as you are open to the flow.

If we approach something out of lack, most likely we will experience an outcome of lack. If we try something with abundance in our heart, being open to giving ourselves over in abundance to the situation we are available to receiving in the same way.

We all carry doubt and fear, yet when we step out of our comfort zones with the willingness to free the doubt and fear, we are inviting the Divine flow to shine its way into our lives in ways we could not imagine. It can become a joyful game of Love and Trust even when we do not know how. We must take a leap to know. If we sit in the same situation and expect it to change with out taking a step into a new and unknown way we are not doing our part, we are giving a message of Lack and Fear and that is what we experience more of.

This is an infinite creation and it goes beyond the mind knowing and what we can see. There are constant possibilities presenting themselves, we must have an open heart and eyes that soften with that to see the offerings. Keeping the old stories running, looking through the eyes of the past, fear, and upset or  holding to the belief there is only one way  out, is a trap.

There may be amazing doors waiting for us to step through but , we keep looking at the one door we thought it should be or look like. Maybe even waiting for the door we stepped through to change so we can finally have what we want. the door is not going to change we change and step to our freedom in the Flow, softening to the heart and unknown infinite flow of Love and Abundance. We take the step through a new door and see there are many more awaiting us.

Take the time to go within and bring tenderness to the places that are in control mode and retraction. Be friendly and ask yourself if you can take a step towards the freedom you are seeking. This step resides within you, as you breath, relax, and let go, suddenly you are opening to the unseen flow to help you move to giving and receiving . Giving can be giving up the control, the fear, or holding on to what is not working, now there is space to receive. You may now experience a door opening you never noticed before. you have changed your view , your reference is love and abundance.

You are standing in a waterfall of Light and did not know it. you are soaking wet in Love and Light but, have felt thirsty and possibly like you were drowning. Look up, breath, open your heart and let the light pour on and through you. Cleansing you of the distress, now you are in a shower of Love and Light, floating in the Divine Stream Of God. Infinite Love is your source, let it guide you out of the cave you believed you were stuck in. Take a chance, take a step, you will be met as it is present already.

You are Loved. You are Love.



You Can Fly…


I am noticing many people are in a frame of mind that says fear is the true answer. That fight is the way. Separation from the heart is the only way to survive. Demanding things to look or be a certain way before sharing in love and knowing we are Divine.

While we are in defense and demanding we are cutting off our own ability to fly, let go and know we are free. We must be the one who steps off the ledge to the unknown focusing on Love even while we are in fear.

If we want support we must take the leap of asking and showing up, doing our part. The wind will meet you, your wings will begin to open with this first step. Being met is not about becoming weak, it is about our own strength through taking chances, showing up in the fullness of knowing we must let go of the retraction to receive. If we show up in fear and a need to control, we will be met in that frame. Give it up and watch the magic that you do not know yet.

Holding tight to fear and lack only creates more fear and lack in us and in the world. You are the key, this is not up to someone else. They can not control this in you, you give it away through your own misunderstanding of what/ who you are.

Take time with yourself and take a step that might seem like a push off a ledge. This can be a small step of change in your inner conversation, or what you choose to focus on, take  a step that brings more light, more up-liftment. Choosing out of one way of living to a new way. Not waiting for others to do so. Choosing Love, Kindness inside first. We become this, share this and there is flow.This becomes giving and receiving as one. Giving can be giving up the negativity, opening to receive love within and all flows from there.

You may be aware of people and places that bring you relief when you are around them. You may choose to spend time in these places. This would be a choice to move into your own ability to step off the ledge, giving you the opportunity to change. This change is always available through Love or you can choose the path of resistance and experience the Victim reality you create within.You must make the step to these places within and in your outer world.

There is a beautiful flight awaiting you. You may not know how you fly but, it is your nature to fly. Lightening the load within is the first step. There will be those who will hold in Love, you have to trust yourself and let go. This is where the freedom is. It is within you.

Today find a ledge to step off and be open to the Love. It is up to you. You have wings of Love and Light…Let go and Fly…

Be the Love, Be the Light…

C.M. Light

( This is more of what we all are playing with right now. Flying in our loving can be challenging. Taking a leap into the unknown, wanting to fly, having to make that choice can feel like every cell and brain wave is in high alert. I too have this experience. Im also aware there seems to be more ledges available. I used to be afraid, not to say I don’t experience that still, but I also know that ledge is just another opportunity to fly above what seem real and liberate me from another illusion I carry inside. It is an amazing time.  Choosing to leap is liberating and can be challenging. This leap starts inside. The ledge is inside… Well , challenges that becomes the fun. Enjoy…)



Happy New Year!


Happy New year! 
Sending Peace, Love and Gratitude to all of you and Creation…
Breath in the Love, the Light, Breath out any negativity…
Breath in the Joy, The Love, the Light. Breath out the Fear, the Negativity…
Breath in the Peace, the Joy, the Love, the Light. Breath out the Distress, the Fear, the Negativity…
Be the Peace, Be the Love, be the Light…Let this grow and shine in every breath of letting go and receiving .
Let this resonate, illuminate, as it spreads in you it spreads in the world…
Be the Light, the Love you seek…You already are…More to come as you awaken from the sleep of       separation .
We are one Love..
Christi …Light..