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Wings of Love


Today you are raptured in the Light. This is a Light of Love. This Love lifts you, releasing all your burdens, bringing peace where there is disturbance, bringing comfort where there is discomfort, bringing Light where you hide in the dark.

Today, in this moment you are lifted, open to your gift and all is here now. You are the essence of God, you are the Divine love, You are the Divine kiss on this earth. Today you are perfect in all ways. Let go of the fears and judgment, all your humanness is to be Loved.

Today in this moment you are being carried on the Wings Of Love. you are wrapped in this blanket of Love. Relax and receive.

In Loving Light


Time to Share in Love…Freedom in Flow Workshop Series… a Few Opening Still Available for Your heart…December 1st, 2nd, & 6th…6:30pm to 10:30pm



We are in a time that is offering all of us opportunity to grow by releasing the things that bind us in retraction and separation from our Loving flow. We have all taken part in this creation in this lifetime and in our past lifetimes.

We are the beloved of God, when we know this, we are relaxed and open to sharing in a way of giving and receiving that does not control. We are in the flow of creation, not in the fight or polarity of creation.

This does not mean we do not participate. This means we use what is happening inside us  as information and growth for ourselves. How we respond to what we are seeing and experiencing in the world around us is our opportunity to move the obstacles to love that are retracting. The change you are seeking starts with in you. Trying to control from a place of right or wrong only traps the polarity and gives it more energy. The change will happen when we let go and receive at the same time. Opening our hearts to receiving, letting go of the mind chatter of shoulds. we will have the steps, the answers in the flow of the Light of love. We become the change and change happens.

How do we do this? How do we move to acceptance when we see someone or something disturbing? How can acceptance  and uplift a situation?

There is purpose in everything, nothing is permanent, how we focus ourselves, our energies is how we experience the world. To make a change outside we must free ourselves from with in and accept we are not in control but, we are in a flow. Which flow do you choose. One of fight and negativity which is actually binding, or one of freedom that brings change in Love.

Come join me in exploring, clearing and opening to more flow. When we gather in a group we reflect and uplift each other in abundance.

There will be meditation, sharing and process.

This is a series of 3 evening workshops. The flow of the series is transformational. Each layer unfolds to the next release. Be open to the flow of the series. you are loved.

There is limited space so, please pre-register.

Registration can be dome via email or phone 415-606-4883.

Details: Tuition $450 series of 3

Dates and Times

December 1st, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

December 2nd 6:30pm to 10:30pm

December 6th 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Light Always…



I would like to thank all those who have shared with me, past, present and those who are still to come. This  includes family, friends ,strangers who pass through with a brief exchange, and those who come to share in the Light work that is always present to Give and Receive.

Thanks for Giving me the opportunity to share in all the colors of Love and Life that is present in each one of us. We all continue to change as we walk in this world experiencing the warmth and the cold of what is being offered in our creation. We always are rooted in the Light of Love.

The flow of our paths are directed in Peace and Love. These flow together naturally. Even when things appear to be moving away from the Love, we all have this Love desire in common. We all are the Light Light even if we do not know it. We will remember.

This is our Unity, it is brilliant and heart opening. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to hold in Love with you, even when it seems the most difficult. This is where the most brilliant light comes in and opens us to the Divinity we have been hiding in the shadows. I am in awe of all of us.

Thanks for Giving you in my life.

In Much Gratitude and Love




I am called to add …

One of the gifts I have found in writing or sharing with others, is to observe my freedom in the moment of what comes forward. Staying out of the mind and allowing the flow to move through me. This can be interesting as I am aware of the mind once in awhile wanting to put a costume on and make the writing or sharing look different.

When I am free in sharing it may not seem pretty or costumed in “perfection”. It is being shared in the spirit in the moment. Over thinking or editing can take the light energy down, dimming it to ego. I know I have mis-spellings and grammar that looks confusing or un caring. that has been my practice to not judge what happens, while I do correct when I see it,. I also enjoy imagining how others might judge and try it on inside my self. If I feel shame or upset I just Love that part that is so willing to be present and share from innocence in the Spirit.

The opportunity is to be present to receive and give a present of Light in the moment. I am open to keeping clear of knowing and allowing what comes through to be presented.

So I challenge you to show up in the loving trust from the heart attuning in spirit and listen. Even if it seems off, you have to take a chance and allow it to come forward. If it is loving and has an opening beyond the mind, you are in Spirit.

I move into I do not know and I am open to receive from the highest Light realm of God Available.

Keeping it simple is not so simple when the mind tries to costume.  When I write I am also being  processed in healing light those very things I am sharing.

In Love Light

What’s In It For You?


Lately you may have noticed yourself feeling as though you keep going down a rabbit hole with all the challenges that we have in our daily life of creation.This world is offering its challenge in an abundant way.

The question you might want to ask yourself is “whats in it for me?” This question will lead you to self liberation if you are willing to take what is pulling and challenging as a gift to yourself to unpack and find freedom in your Love.

The things that you get pulled into are the very things that are calling you home. Home in the heart of spirit that you are and are of. If you knew you were a Divine being and that all the places you feel powerless, are places of misunderstanding and are being called into the light to expand in loving, bringing unity in Love once again. You would welcome the opportunity to liberate yourself once again.

We separate ourselves in our inner world, then we experience separation. We are the jail keeper,  and we are the liberator.

Yes you might say, that this is not true, that the evidence in the world shows that Love and choosing to Love is not powerful. It looks as though negativity is winning. What if you were to move into acceptance of what is in front of you then go inside and know you have the power to explore, and bring peace and harmony to the places that are in fear or anger etc.?Understanding what is is front of you brings opportunity for a shift of focus from within. What is here for me to Love in me. The war, the orphan, the fear, the anger and more. When these parts are acknowledged we become the answer of Love where we have felt separation. Give Love to these places first, then sharing in the world comes from Love, not the orphan or the anger, but from the Orphan or anger that knows Love.

When we become centered in Love we resonate this. this means loving our anger, comforting it with understanding but, not letting it run us. We begin to know we have the power of Love, which lifts our consciousness and allows understanding through communication in Grace. What if we were able to focus on our upset with the goal of Peace within, the goal to share peace? Bringing more peace into this creation by being the peace even when we are upset.

We are all connected. We vibrate information. If we keep moving into conflict to find the answer or try to make changes, we create conflict. We are Divine Beings who are remembering ourselves back to Love through all the negative creation we are taking part in.

Its like lifting weights, the more we lift ourselves in Love, we become Love and  will light a room of negativity by just being present, or the negativity does not stick and we keep moving in peace and Love.

So ” What’s in it for you” Is more Love, Peace, knowing yourself as this and walking in this creation sharing this. Knowing it is choice and you have the power to choose Love now.

Once again I say, Be the Love, Start with you by freeing the parts that are holding onto to separation through conflict in many ways. you hold the answers and you count.

Be the Love, Be the Grace

In Loving Gratitude…Light

Infinite … Now … More… One … ISNESS


Upon returning from an amazing and inspired journey . I would like to share what the Retreat of Peace Walk With-IN  has brought forward so far in opportunities.

What I am most aware of today is the sense of the illusion of safety in a small committed group that gathered in Italy. In that cocooned place, I am aware my safety was most poignant when I was free in my heart open to the infinite love that was present beyond the body. The Body is a vessel of God in its Human – ness. I love this vessel. yet I was aware of the pull for the sense of belonging when I am only aware of that vessel, when I was in the experience of fatigue or other things that opened the vibration of separation. I would look to someone or something to know I had a place.

This was a great piece for me to come to peace with. The moments  I am in the need for a tribe, like a “family is only blood”, or this group is only good as it is, I am limiting my Divine nature to an illusion of separation. I then feel the need to control or maybe the need for things to stay the same. Notice those are the same thing.

I watched as the group was  holding on and letting go. I saw and loved myself in each one of them. Knowing I too have and can carry a sense of separation.

Walking in Rome, Padua,  and Orvieto brought history forward, yet from the altitude of the Light, none of it had power of concern or polarity that could hold in my cells. I might have a moment of remembering yet, not believing, the ability to realign inside to the Infinite now, allowed history to release. Lifting me and all available. Tuscany was the womb we gathered in and shared the process of Healing and opening to the light in the now more, although it is and was portable always. Portable paradise with in.

My personal experience in creating this retreat has been Grace filled as I was willing to let go at every turn of what I thought I wanted and opened to being  guided in the unknown. Never pushing through the mind yet, allowing the creativity to come forward through loving  and then allowing what was  for the highest good to shine and direct  the next step.

In this journey which seemed cocooned, I am more aware of opening to more Love and more people to share with. The cocoon is infinite in spirit in me. I felt constricted when I thought of keeping everything the same. I am not  ATTACHED  to what was, while I am grateful for what was. and will use it to learn from and expand. I am also excited, open in the knowing that there is more beyond what I have experienced and know at this moment.

This beautiful Retreat was inspired,  allowing the love – light to show the way.

Imagine living in this world trusting in sharing with others in this freedom of Love and inspiration, in the  abundance that we all can know we are. This is not limited to one tribe, We all are Gods Tribe. The Illusion is that we are separate.

More to come… In Love and Gratitude.


Make it simple…Gratitude…Great Power of Love

How do we move from fear, anger, hurt, and confusion?

First Breath, then let go on the out breath, Breath and let go. Just like Breath all things come and go. All things lead to a release of things that have been held in the dark. Sometimes when we feel like something is restricting our breath, pausing and becoming self aware, going inside to the calm. Then gently, lovingly and breathing brings peace and we relax.Do not be affrays to be present in yourself. do not seek to avoid the Divine beauty you are by numbing.

In the relaxation we are able to calm the chatter and refocus, knowing we have the power to choose what we focus towards. What we follow. Why not follow your inner Love, your inner peace? From this place we walk a path that is in ease and we are guided in our steps to the uplifting experience. Opening the doors of separation to the light. Nothing can bind us or keep us from our inner light.  We are the Master Key in our lives.

When you calm and breath, you can move to the gratitude in the breath. Then focusing on what is good, loving and here now begins to release the illusion of the dark.

You are a miracle, just embrace this in gratitude and know as you look into your own Beloved eyes, that this miracle of Love is being held and breathed by a Divine Infinite Nature of love. Nothing can stop the Loving force that is the source of all creation. So we focus on the Love and gratitude, moving into full breath of creation. We are inspired. We are the inspiration. It is not outside of us.

Breath…Wakeup…You are Love, You are Loved. Inspiration of light is pouring through every cell. Here the song of God singing you into your next step.

Be the inspiration of Love and Peace you are.