Monthly Archives: August 2014

Thank You


“Thank You is my heart song. When I am in gratitude the eyes I see with are full of wonder and possibilities.  My heart is full of gratitude, for all that steps into my path is a gift of expansion into my loving light.”  CM

When we retract into with-holding our loving gratitude, feeling righteous, victimized, powerless or even believing we are separate from others, we experience a reality of lack and aloneness. This is an illusion created by a closed off heart. We are all connected and how we treat ourselves and others will show in our lives.

 The understanding that we can choose the loving and  all experiences are here for our growth into our own knowing of our divine nature, allows us to move into gratitude and share in the world from this free flowing place.  We then know all is going into loving abundance. Behind each closed door stands a breeze of inner knowledge that opens us up into knowing our divine essence and in that we are free in the unknown. When the door opens with understanding, loving, and healing of our fears, controls, hurts and anything that tells us we are in fight, there is a freedom that lifts and sings through our cells, bringing loving, joy and abundant flow on all levels.

This world is not about lack it is about moving through the illusion of lack back into the heavenly flow of it is all here in us and our co-creation. Gratitude is key to opening up our lives. When we are in gratitude our hearts are sharing. With-holding in any way is only with-holding from ourselves. 

Be the loving you are. See and live through your loving gratitude. It is so expansive you will fly in your heart and your inner experience will shine throughout your life.  CM