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We are in a time of great opportunity to become what we seek ( LOVE ). All of us have many stories that have become patterns that are not real but, we make them real by holding on to them, your personal karma, this can be family Karma along with the collective Karma. Life is Karma.

It has been amazing to watch all the world come together in peace and love, being inspired to do so from an energy that has been brought forward of fear and negativity. We can see it has become more natural for us to move together in Love than war. not to say that we do not have the war in us to contend with, because clearly it is here in this polarized experience.

Good and Evil was brought up today. When we look at times that we have seen this polarity come forward in history, times where we were slow to believe things were happening and when we finally  awoke to them it seemed to be overwhelming  in its devastation. How could this be happening and where is God, where is love?

We are  the essence of God, we must look inside to our own wars and fears. Being afraid to love and letting go of the war in our own lives plays out in many ways. I have spoken to people that react to my suggestion that they have the power to change things by changing their own vibration, their own inner war and fears. Going for the light and love. They react with upset and anger fighting for the war. Meanwhile their greatest fear is the war.

There it is..What will happen to us if we know we are the ones who have the power,? What if we know we do not have to be a victim to what is. We can drop the outer reflections and go inside and be the peace and love we are seeking.

This takes a willingness to be self aware and responsible. Be willing to be honest and move to an unknown space even in the resistance. I was having a moment last night of resistance yet, so aware I wanted the freedom from what I was holding over myself, as if I am powerless to it. That means I was making it my God. I was not in the flow of the Beloved I am and I am of. I was worshipping the negativity.

Some people say that this approach of inner alchemy through truth in Love is fine to play in but, the real world is the war the pain and suffering. That is the illusion world. We are co-creating this, we can choose to be brave in our own inner world and start to awaken our Light, letting it be the lead of our lives. In this we become a spiritual warrior of Love and Light.

We are seeing the change already in the unity of the world. It is bigger and more powerful than the negativity. The negativity will challenge this. We are ” designed for these times”. This is where we become Light while here in the Human experience. We become a Loving co-creator, creating a Heaven on earth in our inner world and vibrating this into our outer.. Lighting the way to more love and peace here.

If I go out with fight I get fight back. We have seen the world wars won ultimately with the intension of Love, equality and peace as the outcome. There is proof. Many tend to hold onto what happened instead of seeing the Alchemy that took place through the experience.After the darkness there was light that had shined on what was happening and the light prevailed. There is still more to experience here in this negative realm.

We could move faster to the awareness and not go to war, it could be a new way and if it is not, it will still have a Light at the end of the tunnel, more Light than ever.

You choose – to fight for your fears or use what is upsetting as signals of places you can Light in Love and free yourself and be free while all is shifting.

You can be the change, you are the change. You are not a victim, you are a Divine Being having a human experience. You have the choice to be brave in your vulnerably, admit to the things that you are holding onto as your mountains to cross, look inward to see the passage by opening the gate to Love.

Choosing Love does not mean sitting in a corner doing nothing, it can be a shift within, letting go of the fight to be in control through fear, anger, or righteousness. Change happens when we let go. We change, others may not but, change will always be the path of least resistance. Is the path loving, is the path uplifting, or are you walking in circles repeating the same war cry over and over?

It is up to you, it is up to each one of us to Love our  fears and upsets, listen to what is happening and be willing to take an inner then outer step to a new uplifting experience.

There will be more flow of possibilities when you begin to claim your own power, your Love within as the answer you are seeking. In this claiming, you will find the costumes begin to unravel, and there is freedom that goes beyond the limited illusion you have been focusing on. The experience becomes free of limitations, the limitation become the signs on the path, showing you where you have held yourself  prisoner, you have the key to release yourself. Grace is available, the only thing you have to do is give up the negative control and be willing to receive in the innocence of Love, not knowing as you have not experienced this yet.

If you only hold onto the fear memories, you keep yourself in that focus and experience.

Be willing to go further to the unknown, you will begin to remember what/ who you are. Your mind, emotions and ego will not be part of this. It will become a love song that sings you into the Spirit of love and you will know the way to go.


Straight to Your Heart


Go for the Love. Relax and open to the Light, the Love…You release control, and move to letting go and receiving. The Grace is …Available, are you?

A Little song to dance and open up. Click below…



Today I am inspired to share my gratitude to all those who have taken part on this path of Light in my Life. I also will include those who I have yet to meet.
Like everyone, I am in constant opportunity to let go of what I hold between me and God. These stories, positions, wants, judgements, and more all are serving up more opportunities to Heal in Love, to know freedom is within.
Each one of you bring your own courageous self when you show up to allow the Light to shine more in your awareness, challenging the places that you hold on to you in  limitation, choosing to know you do not know how to step free and stepping forward to let go and let God, the light become your guide, Even when you do not know how.
I too step into this everyday, loving all the parts of me that forget, sometimes these places will need a little more polishing with love to relax and let go. 
These have been abundant times of refection. The world is showing all of us through our reactions and more, where we hold onto fears, judgements, more separations. This is all inside of us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to let go more. To love More, to be…Love…To share Love…
I thank each of you for bringing your stories, your Beautiful selves to me to share in the loving Light transformation. When you lift we all lift. When I lift I know we lift.
So I bow down to you in gratitude and love. Thank you for joining me in this dance of love even when it seems to be challenged. This is what we came to do, we are on the Path of Love Light and Joy…
In gratitude Love Light and Joy