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Happy New Year… Transformation IS…



There is beauty in every breath. Know all is possible in this universe. Look inside and see the colors of change. Then see it come forward in the light of the day. Do not be afraid to shine your light of love into the center of your intention. You are one in the light of God, breath into the New Year your loving creation.

Wishing you an Abundant, Loving, Light filled year, inside and out always.

With Love Christi

P. S. There is a place to play with others on Friday the 2nd, anchoring in your New Year Transformation Intention. There are 2 beautiful workshop offerings at Montecito Yoga, Morning Yoga and afternoon meditation and creating processes. See the flyer on my blog Or click the link below.

Click this link for more and registration,




Celebrate Within is a time of celebration. We are sharing more love and light coming into our lives, into creation. This experience is most powerful within our own quite inner connection. Do not get lost in the outside glitter and forget your own glitter. You will find yourself feeling lost and drained. Go within to recharge in the light of love.

This time is an opportunity to let go of old patterns in grace. Filling all those places with love and light. Re-pattern back into spirit, knowing your part in all that is here. Enjoy those you love and  take the time for yourself in the quite of healing, meditation, and self care.

I send my gratitude and love to you for reflecting the endless possibilities of healing, of change, of loving it all.

Much Loving  Light