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light to lighten the darkness

There is a place of integrity within, where the true self lives, where you do not deceive yourself – the home of truth. It can be a bloody place, a place of real severity, and it can often be involved with suffering. But the pain will dissolve, the wounds will heal, and peace will bloom once you choose and commit to finding the source of your life’s joy within you. Then the negativity is transmuted on the altar of your honesty, and the flower of your life blossoms in joy, loving and abundance. – John-Roger, D.S.S. (From: Loving Each Day for Peacemakers, Choosing Peace Every Day, p. 188)

Rising ~~


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Peace With-In Love


Peace With-in Love 

We are in a time of challenge and change. This is an opportunity to explore and heal with loving light, the very areas with-in ourselves being personally challenged –  that are reflected in the world today. 

Finding our Loving Peace in our day to day life can be challenging. It can be even more difficult when there is a collective focus of  unrest. The fear and separation that is pushing out into the light is with-in each of us.

Take this opportunity to become the answer to the situation of unrest. Become the Love that is calling us all. 

We are the Divine Love-Light, yet we forget this in our humanness.

We are remembering ourselves back with every awakening to the  Beloved with-in.