Walking your path awakening into your spirit.

This is a walk that is full of mystery that challenges all that seems real in this physical world.  It is not for the faint of heart, it is for the strong of loving and trust. We embody all that is and it is Divine. 

Trusting in what you can not see, letting what seems real slide aside, allowing the inspiration of spirit to come forward can be challenging yet, there is knowing in each step. A knowing of more in your heart and in your reality. 

There are times you will feel alone and confused, as you walk on your loving path.  When you are not sure is when there is more pushing forward do not abandon yourself, the window will open suddenly, you will know yourself more in spirit.  The world becomes bigger and brighter inside you and then it is in your experience in your outer creation. 

Stay close to your loving breath being breathed by God and you will walk in Grace and trust even when you are afraid . 


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