“Grant that I may become beautiful in my soul within, and that all my external possessions may be in harmony with my inner self. “– PLATO

When we focus on the outside world as our source, we are looking into an illusion that will constantly change, also reflect the negativity we may carry . This can make us feel separate and anxious, as we try to look outside ourselves for ourselves and our loving abundance.

When we experience and know we are sourced of God as a Soul, we begin to focus into all that we are and all that is, through our loving eyes. We experience Loving abundance, no matter what is happening. From this place we move through our creations with an open heart and mind to grow, learn and become more of who we are in this world. Nothing can take this away, and we are not limited in any situation. 

What may seem like a limitation is only an opportunity to let go of the very thing that is telling you there is not enough, or you are not enough. Love those places within. It is all perfect, just love where you are. 

Gratitude is truly the elixir that brings us back into the moment of grace in abundance. From this place inside you will know true abundance.

All is well, you are the Divine of the Divine.


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