Monthly Archives: July 2012

The peaceful caress of light allows the nuance of creation to flow through. Holding a rigid eye on what is to be or what you perceive is , can block your view to what is true.

Be open to the soothing clearing of the light and you will find your path is happening at the moment, under foot. Straining or pushing to see or know only brings blindness and frustration.

Allow the peace and love of your true nature to lead you in the terrain of this life.

You will find the gentle touch of life is sourced from the gentle touch of love.

Be the love that you are and lay down your rough edges, experiencing the fluid creation of your life. 

The love center is the beginning and the love center is the end.

The source of all is Love. As we move into our center, peace surrounds us and we are supported by our creations and our creation is supported by our love center. It is all connected, never ending , always blooming. Each petal has its own essence, being perfect in its unpredictability. There is not one better than the other. They all have perfection and purpose.

Embrace and take in your essence, no matter how it looks today or in the moment. Breath in the love and smell the sweet perfume of of love creation. You are the center love, relax, and allow this to grow and lead you in your creations. 

Be centered in your love and allow the overflow of light that you are and are of to meet in the center. Creating heaven on earth, in you and of you.

Be Love…