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We all have heard this truth, what does that really mean ?

The letting go is not a mind thing, and letting God is not a demand .

Letting love and being willing in the heart is the path. Holding your heart , loving hostage in pain and suffering, blame and shame keeps you from receiving what you are seeking. Demanding only brings more resistance and disappointment. Opening your heart to loving what is , allows spirit to dance with you lifting the pattern you hold so dear to you that causes the pain.

Letting go of the blame, pain, shame, and victim by loving all those parts with compassion  and tenderness allows the loving spirit to bring grace in. We do not understand this in the mind, we have a knowing in our heart beat, and in our breath. When we surrender to this, it is done.

Be willing, be the love. Be willing and receive the miracles. They are here, open your heart by letting go of the story and be the love in the story.

Love and Light


FEBRUARY 3RD, 10:00 AM TO 1:00 PM




The essence of light and love is always present. We are made of it. There are times everyday that seem far from that perspective. If we understand that it is all divine creation, and our ability to love our humanness is the path to peace and knowing ourselves as a compassionate loving co-creators.

Learning to love our-selves past our mistakes, choosing to forgive and try again is the answer to the how. When we move into change as a constant truth, we can see that nothing can hold us back form our true essence of love. Changing perspective, choice or judgment to a loving place sets us free. We all get angry, we all judge, can you move into light in those moments and move towards loving those angry, judgmental parts. When we learn to do this in a knowing way, life becomes free. We know that all is temporary,  love and abundance is still at hand. We choose. We co-create with love as our constant stream of light source. This is our true power.

Join me in the first of my series of workshops that will teach, process and explore all of these places we are holding. Let go and create space for the loving in all areas of your life.

REGISTRATION : CALL 415-606-4883 &, or EMAIL:

TUITION $150.     Pre-registration is appreciated.


We are stepping through the looking glass every day when we wake up to our loving center. 

We have just come thorough a dimensional illusion, clearing our cells and reality to align with the Divine self we are. You may have experienced bliss , confusion, calm and pain all at once. The change in time is actually the change into no time. What we focus on is what we will experience.

The gift of unending , unconditional love and creation is here for you. You have walked through your life so far teaching yourself who you are through your experiences and creations. You now have stepped through a time that reflected a sense of separation through your senses, all of that is changed and changing.

You choose the reflection you would like, but know you will always come back to the source you are of and that you are.

The loving Divine you and source are beckoning you back home. Home is you and your loving.

Embrace this wonderful Divine you with no shame or fear. Open your heart and the Heaven you are will sing out into the world, healing and lifting all that you touch. Aligning with the sacred sound and light you create from and with.

Be all you are in this New Year and always.

Happy Divine New Year.

Love Christi