Monthly Archives: May 2013

We are in constant movement, evolving from one awareness to the next. If we allow ourselves to know that it is all shades of light and look to the loving brightest light in all of it, we find peace and knowing. 

There is no right or wrong way to experience your journey. The focus is love how ever you see your life. When you are experiencing what may seem grey or unloving, change your view and allow the glow of loving light to seep in. Flowing over the resistance and changing the knowing into the loving you are seeking. Even if you do not know what that looks like, or how this change can come , be open in your loving and you will receive the gifts that are here for you.

Be open to the love that is always present. Do not be fooled by the illusion of separateness , you are always with the one loving that is .

You are the love , one with the love.

We are becoming more aware of our true divinity as we allow ourselves to see our shadows of negative self talk, actions and beliefs that we have been creating our lives around.
Many of these patterns came in with us or have been handed down through family patterns and have also been created through your own experiences in this life time. 
When we open to the light and allow the loving to come forward , patterning a new voice and resonance that sings through our essence, giving a new knowing of truth in our living, we become free of the negativity that has led us in our lives. When the light shines on these things it may seem painful or scary but it is opportunity shining on the limiting things that hold you back. This light is here to assist you in healing, releasing those blocks and lead you back into your true nature of love. 
This is not a belief it is a knowing experience. This brings you understanding in every breath . There is trust in light, love, abundance and creativity . Even when we feel upset we can access this connection to our true spirit , being able to flow through the ups and downs , with a knowing of love no matter what the condition. 
We are in light changing times, this is a constant opportunity to explore , let go and lift into more joy, love, and freedom.
The sessions I offer allows you to experience your connection to spirit and the light, letting go of what is ready now and receiving more comfort in the loving light focus than the old patterns. This will shift you on all levels, spiritual, psychic, mental, emotional, and physical.
Session are available by phone, skype or in person.
In person I am in the Santa Barbara area, I travel to San Francisco, New York, and Sun Valley Id. , I post my travel dates under INSPIRATION
Sessions run 1 1/2 to 2 hours , allow 2 hours .
$350 single session, $900 series of 3.
The series is a very clear and powerful way to commit to yourself and spirit in a deep profound way,  allowing expansion to anchor in. I recommend this for anyone and especially for those who are just starting the work with me or this type of work. It also can be very helpful during more challenging times. I recommend these sessions to be done no further apart than 2 1/2 to 3 weeks the first time.  
Love Peace and Light to our journey here together.


EXPANSION IS CONSTANT, BE THE EXPANSION OF LOVE    There is no end to the growth we create in our lives. It is the school and master class we are in that guides us through the experiences of this lifetime. We are here to alchemy our experiences to love and understanding. When we are able to do this transformation, we are transforming ourselves,dropping the veils of the illusion of life. This can feel and seem counter to what is important to us but, you will find your true self through letting go of what you believe is making you who you are and coming back into the loving you. One with spirit, one with love , no beginning and no end. Your life begins to open up to more play and grace just by you being open to your heart with spirit as one.

The work I bring is here to help you learn to let go of blocks, karmic patterns, and negative focus patterns you carry. Transforming what is available to let go of now , filling with light and love. Working with the light, bringing you back to your Divine knowing self.  Learn more at    INSPIRATIONS APPOINTMENT CALL 415-606-4883 OR EMAIL