Monthly Archives: September 2012

The golden light is upon us. It radiates through every cell and every dimension of our being, our creations and our realities. There is no separation, when we open our eyes and heart to all that we are and all that is. We know the light and the love has no end. It has no beginning, so there is no limit to the love. 

Be open to the radiating love that is pushing through all the pain, doubt and fear. It is time to relax and be of the grace. No push , no bloody knees, only lifting love. 

Allow yourself to receive and allow yourself to be the beloved you are. Allow the beloved to lead you, to comfort you, to inspire you. Let go of the past and stand in the light, it will carry you always. Leading to the loving home that you are.

Radiate the light that you are. Beloved you, Beloved me, Beloved one…