Monthly Archives: March 2013

When we come together to create more light action, we are working with spirit to carry out the vibration to the destination. Be willing to release the images and blueprints you have imagined, allowing the wind of spirit to blow your seeds out in the creation. 

Step out of the ego and need to hold on to what you believe is your identity , and surrender your ideas to the light.  You are co-creating here, if you believe you are doing this alone, you will have that experience. The experience of carrying the weight of the world, or pushing the weight of the world to create. You can do it this way, in that illusion or you can choose grace and give over to the light. You are co- creating and will be met as you believe it is. So be open to the knowing and not knowing, allowing the experience of support through spirit and grace. Then you have knowing.

Be still in your mind and listen, be willing to know you do not know it all. Be willing to serve and receive equally. The blessing of light will always trump the blessing of the mind and ego.

Be Still, Be Love, Let Go, Be Willing…