We walk this life in a formation of experiences from the past and present. We have hopes for the future without knowing we are creating it all from the cells of light we are.

Our bodies will speak to us when we have held onto the things or directions that are keeping us from our truth. Truth is loving. When we withhold this loving it will show itself by getting your attention one way or another. The things that we call unhealthy are the very things that hold loving information leading you back to your path.

Each person has a unique pattern they are walking, although we mirror each other , there are nuances that we carry that are our own for now. 

When we have a wakeup gift in our bodies, the exploration of where and when we started to withhold some loving truth from ourselves can be quite a journey. To try and say one thing causes this illness would be a lie. It usually has been building on one pattern to the next.

The good news is, if you are willing, we can begin to pull the sword from the stone you believe you are and awaken to the fluid light of health and love you truly are.

Healing the body is tied into healing the mind, emotions, and body leading us to know ourselves as loving spiritual beings.

This process can be so loving and freeing, you will begin to see and love the grace in what has been and let go of it and let go of your illness when it is ready.

Each person will find their own healing, in each step. What healing looks like can and will be different for each person. The one thing that you will find true for all is it comes back to love, learning to be the love.

Be willing and all is here and will be.

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