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Fall Retreat – We Have Room For You, You Still Have Time to Join – Divine Flow – Online – October 30, 31, November 1st , 2020 Bonus Windermere November 2nd, 2020 – 1/2 Day Play-Labyrinth Walk and Meditation.

Divine Flow Fall Retreat

October 30, 31, November 1st, 2020 – Optional Bonus 1/2 day Labyrinth Walk and Meditation – Play November 2nd, 2020

Here we are….What is present is what is in flow. How do we open to the flow within – how do we receive and give, inspired in peace and love with what is?

This year has been full of new opportunity as the whole planet is being called awake in new ways, we all are aware of ourselves and others in new ways.

What is present in Love is always the focus, it seems even more poignant now as we have been called to be “inward” physically, this allows more to bubble up in our inner awareness what is not in loving, holding in separation. . Along with the focus on separation socially, in many ways, racially, environmentally, politics, and more. We all are in opportunity, this opportunity is to let go, heal, being in the flow of what is present in Love in the midst of the alchemy. We all hold in ways that may surprise us,. we heal and there is a ripple in the collective. Divine Flow is present in the moment of letting go and letting Love.

Join me in a 2 and 1/2 day retreat, where we will refresh, renew and open to more flow , being present in the Presence to what is letting go and what is present in a new inspiration of the Divine Flow that is available. Remember it is all an inside experience that will over flow in your life in all ways, relationships, work, health, wealth and happiness. Attuning the Divine flow within opens the places that have been blocked or in resistance to the inspiration of love within in you. You are the Beloved awakening attuning in Flow.

This is always a sweet sharing, we will meditate, process and unpack the places that are still holding tight to separation.  We will Renew in Love Light and walking in this flow of love in your inner world, spilling out in all areas.

When you set the intention to take part in this retreat, taking a clear step allows the energy to flow in you and in the co-creating the gathering. We are all in this together. You choose your focus and you will be met.

This is a small group of Loving sharing, that brings sweet awakening in the Beauty of the Light Ignited within. Love is Present.

Place: :7th Street Cottages – Carpinteira, Ca

Times: October 30th, 31st, November 1st, and optional bonus 1/2 day November 2nd, 2020

Friday – 30th  – 4:300pm to When we Finish. Spirit Has us, Let Go – Let God…Joy!

Saturday – 31st –  9:30 am to 6:00pm

Sunday – 1st – 9:30 am to 6:00pm

 Monday 2nd – Time TBD – Windermere

Tuition: Pease read there are changes. ( In Person Special Arrangements and Logistics will be determined closer to the retreat, we will gather in one cottage if it is clear or do the online in cottage experience and gather for beach walks and meal breaks, depending on the COVID situation.)

1) Early Bird Cottage Residential $600.00  Paid in full by September 1, 2020, after $700

2)  Early Bird Non Cottage  Residential $650 – Paid by September 1, 2020  after $750

3) Deposits and Prepayment for retreat is required for conformation of your space in the group.                                                                            

Tuition is non refundable – non transferable as of September 1st, 2020

REGISTRATION FOR ALL OFFERING: email: or call: 415-606-4883.

RETREAT – Cottage reservation should be done as soon as possible, Below are details.

Deposit required of one night, please contact Lisa, all information is below , let he know you are attending the retreat.

I am once again excited to hold and house our retreat at The Cottages in Carpinteria California, where we can all be together holding the light.

Staying at the cottages for the weekend is encouraged but not a must. Residing at the cottages, allows you to step away from your day-to-day patterns, giving yourself completely over to the loving support offered in the retreat atmosphere. If you are unable to retreat at the cottages, you are still welcome to take part in this light filled weekend.

 This is a beautiful, playful cluster of bungalows located in the small town of Carpinteria, California, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and few blocks from the beach.

Call property manager, Lisa Carey, for reservations at 805.680.6622 ~ Let her know you are part of the retreat.

In Loving Service


Ways You Can Be Supported


I would like to remind you of the different ways you can support yourself with the Light work I offer. It is all about being lifted in Loving Light, Freeing up the places that are in restriction and are present known and unknown ready to let go. That is what is happening as these things come up, you are being called to let go of what is cutting the flow off. The Flow of Light Love Awake. None of it is against you – it is here to assist you.. It is showing where you are blocked. This is not a judgement unless you judge it. Open the inner doors and allow the expansion – flow of Light to lead you. This is a journey of love. We all have places that do to have this awareness, Be kind to yourself and take the time to allow these places to let go in healing Grace of The Lord and dance the Loving Light Dance of this life – in the awareness there is always Loving Support – Flow present.

In loving Service


Offerings of Support for You Below: – All Offering are available Zoom – Phone and when we are back in the new flow – in person

1.BY THE MINUTE – Phone and Zoom sessions – @ $3.75 a  minute.

2.Single Session – 1 1/2 to 2 Hours – $350

3. SERIES of 3 SESSIONS – 1 1/2 to 2 hour @ $900…Prepaid. The series is a very powerful way to commit to yourself and Spirit, allowing a clear path of loving transformation. I recommend this for those who are just starting the work or are in more challenging times. I recommend they be done no further apart than 2 weeks. They must be completed with – in 3 months. Series Expire in 3 Months.

4  Retreat and Workshop offerings are an amazing way to gather in the Light, opening to the expansion in meditation and sharing. Where two or more gather we are expanded. Sharing can be a powerful vulnerable liberating experience. Stepping into your Inner Master is a journey of Love. *** ( Fall Retreat Coming soon, October 30, 31, November 1, 2020. More detail on the website.)

You are the Light…Choose yourself in clear, clean Light choices of love, health, wealth and happiness. Nothing has more power than your Light, be willing to let go of the things that keep you unaware and choose to live in the power of your Light and Love. It is all up to you.

Control…Love It All…

We are here together…what one person experiences through their veils of awareness can be completely different than another and usually is.

The energy of a persons focus can proceed an interaction and set up a dance of ease and grace or a dance of confusion, missed communications. None of this is bad or wrong, it just reveals so many nuances of control that may present. Assuming someone knows what you are thinking or doing is usually a set up for misunderstanding. Sharing with another person is just that sharing, keeping the flow ,is a clarifying communication. There is no wrong or right way to do something, it is a preference.

Communication keeps the flow going, even when we have to find the rhythm of the dance to flow in ease, supporting the whole. Who is leading? Or are you in control mode or allowing a harmony.

We all stumble and we all are pushed in ways that can challenge harmony, this does not mean all is lost. If we choose to create it as a loss – cutting of the opportunity to get up and learn our part in the confusion is our opportunity to heal, is a missed opportunity but, no fear, it will come around again. That is what I have experienced…

Take the time to relax, allow the sweet scent of Love to begin to lift the restrictions, the defenses, the judgments on yourself or others and release the place that has been holding tight in right and wrong, control. Wanting others to be what you want them to be.

There are so many cast systems that we all carry inside us. Work – family – friends – groups – positions that seem to make us feel important, like we belong or not. These places are controlling us, if we need to do it our way and no other way, with no meeting in the middle or understanding of another, we block the opportunity to share and play and expand inside ourselves and with others. We are never victims, we can release this idea by, being brave and honest, looking at the places that are in resistance to letting go to find a harmony in loving song of communication. This is an inside job, so you do not have to push on another person, you may find this harmony inside and reveal a way to share in new ways.

These times that we are in have so many energies floating in the ethers, we can get caught in a polarity and be off and running on a rigid position, feeling like one person is demanding unable to understand what may be happening, is just an opportunity to clear something, come into a new way of being free inside ,which frees us from deciding we are right and they are wrong or visa versa. That is funny because things are in constant change, revealing all of these separation stories we all carry, known and unknown.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Remember everyone and I mean everyone has opportunity to expand – let go -Let God – awaken the places that keep trying to control and missing opportunities of Loving -sharing – creativity expansion.

I am always discovering places in me that have been taking a position that thwarts my freedom. Some came in with me and for me, with all that is going on, they are surfacing in amazing ways. Not comfortable always ,but, when I get still and I am willing to listen and allow the gift of information revealing itself in a situation, in me, I start to release in Grace. I just have to be willing to see what I may not know is there oe even want to know is there and Love it all. These conditioning can be very subtle but, may keep us in bondage .

So be willing always to look in the mirror, whatever you are throwing at another person, is yours. That means no victim, no right or wrong. Just loving healing opportunity to come into a harmonious flow. Coming to an agreement, meeting in flow works for all, inside and out.

So onward we go in this amazing time of the planet and people on the planet, letting go, struggling to let go and go higher. We are One Beloved Song, the sweet scent of Grace -of God is Present, be willing to take pause and be willing to go for the loving outcome, even if you can not see how or what that is, be willing to have a surprise of your eyes and heart opening to new experiences inside, letting go of fear and holding tight to the old ways of being. We all are in bloom, the petals that are tight will eventually let go and old ones will fall to the ground to fertilize the soil to grow new blooms.

Nothing is ever rigid. So relax, find your focus through a love lens, and see what happens. Keep it simple, nd be open to the unknown – there is a knowing in this place.

Still in My Loving Classroom. In My Loving Gratitude


Authentic Flow

Expansion from restriction in innocence.

Open in Love in freedom, letting go of control, being in the innocence.

Expanding in innocence, being honest and loving with what we have held between us and Love. The need to be in control, the fear that there is not enough something which usually is a sense of lack in ourselves.

What – Who Blooms a flower? The flower within is Gods love, this, is an infinite flow, Let go of the control, let the loving – light in and allow the awakening in freedom.

We are relaxed, authentic, compassionate to our foibles and others foibles, they are helping us bloom.

Be relaxed, in the innocence and strength of love flow. Simple relaxation, forgive the places that forget and lock down in negativity and control. To receive we release the control and open in Love.

Be Present, feed yourself in the loving and ask for assistance in Spirit – let the Light to lead,. pause attune in innocence and willingness, you will reveal, receive and expand in letting go.

Bloom in you abundant flow of the beauty and loving that is watering, feeding and breathing you.

You are Beloved even when you do not know it.

In Loving Service


What Are You Listening To?

This is a share, and I am always in process. I am a student always, my life is my curriculum. I have said that many times. These days I am in class full time, morning, noon and night.

My focus is loving, this is an experience of expansion in a Spiritual expression that goes beyond mind, emotions, a place of all, of is. I have experienced this yet, as a human I still forget and experience the emotions and mental , pulls and pushes this magnetic world experience supplies. When I say this place it is actually the openings I have in my creations from this life and many lifetimes that are still in process of awakening – alchemy – of Divine Love in me.

When I go through my day, I can be aware of all levels going on, experiencing Soul while, being pushed on emotions and being thrown off into a challenge then coming back into relaxed loving. The first step is to be honest, to allow vulnerability, allow what is in restriction and upset, confused and out of sync to come present in a safe place inside, this does not mean you cannot share and get help in these times or moments. The help is inside and others many times can assist and hold by reflecting in love, you remember yourself. Sharing when you are like this can be a. great service, not pretending all is well is a powerful thing ,as all is well even when we feel off, we have a chance to learn, clear expand, let go, let God.

This process for me is daily and moment by moment. My sensitivity, gives me more information than is mine and I have to refine what is mine or others. This can be a busy class for me. I also see the gift in this, because I am aware of what is off or negative and what is in Loving, clear open and willing when I walk in a room, the essence of others disturbances can knock me over sometimes. This is my opening , when I get knocked off by this, I get to find what my opening to the energy is and clear it, heal it. We all are energy, and we may try to compartmentalize, or pretend, to keep something hidden , it is not hidden it is yelling in the room. I do experience this awareness in my life where ever I go, I have been called to know and love myself awake, this means I can not pretend nothing is happening and this means I take care of myself and when I need help, I ask, I share with those who can hold in Light, I do not always share with people but ,I ask for Spiritual assistance and do the Loving forgiveness work. I do take care of what is going on as it comes up, no pretending, it does not work for me, it is like a mental, emotional physical invasions of shaking, rubbing, yelling, poking or whatever is happening, it does not hide.

I am sharing this because ego can step in and try and keep us in separation keeping the challenge going instead of opening the door or doors to vulnerably in Loving support. We are not alone even when we are in a room without another person, and we are not alone on this planet, there are others who can support in many ways as you are supporting yourself in your school of you the Beloved One.

It is an inside job for sure, can you allow your truth, meaning it is all okay, to be present and allow the one who is not feeling well, to come forward, share and free the energy that has been running you and your field of creation? This is not for the weak of heart, it is for those who are willing to keep opening and allowing the truth in vulnerability, to ask for help, when you uplift, we all uplift. Strengthening The Love…

We are one love ultimately, This in Spirit is… This stream of Love is always present and we all are of it. Allow this to open , support you in your walk, nothing is hidden, so, you might as well, be truthful to yourself, open the doors and allow -let go of your need for control, and receive the Blessing of Love to lead your inner world, overflowing in your outer world.

The butterfly … I Am in the Egg…I Am in the Caterpillar… I Am in the Chrysalis… I Am…

In My Loving Classroom


Aligning in Light Flow… Workshop – August 27, 2020… 2 Loving Spaces Left – Zoom – 7:00pm – 9:00pm pacific – Donation Appreciated

Choice – Where are we choosing our step or steps from? Free energy of upliftment in inspiration or from our fears, worries, judgments or more?

The world is in constant change, finding our inner flow alignment in the Light is a constant opportunity. Taking time to check in and see what is motivating you and freeing the places that keep motivating in negativity is an amazing expansion. Learning to express a life of being inspired in flow, creates expansion and comfort at the same time. Awakening to you in Love light flow, aligns a clarity in our choices, not attached but, a flow of inspiration in each step. This is ordinary.

Join me for an evening of Meditation and Processing, taking time to open yourself to what this may be for you. We all are in this transformative life, being at ease with this and allowing what is present to lift and expand in new ways can be joy or burden, it is all inside you. there is amazing support for you in this inner life .

Registration: email me –

Donations can be made – Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal.

In Loving Service


Love is the Authority

When I wake in the morning I notice my first awareness is how it feels to be in my body. It may feel heavy or it may feel soft and tender. In this moment no matter what I have in my awareness,I have an opportunity to choose what my focus is. Many times I am cranky in the discomfort of my body, mind and emotional polarity ” chatter” – I breathe and focus on getting the love awake in the midst of all of what is pushing me. It can take some time and my day may be full of remembering the focus of breath, relaxing in Love and I will meander through mental and emotional judgements. In those times I move once again into Loving and forgiving my judger, the one who is uncomfortable with what ever the discomfort is that seems to have my attention more than my sense of love flow in myself.

I will pause and begin to listen explore why or what I am giving over my power to, instead of being n my loving in me.

These times are giving us all the opportunity to choose Love as our authority. It is as simple and challenging as that. I know just remembering that this is choice can sometimes seem crazy, in the midst of what may seem to be a moment, a day, a world full of challenges that appear to be leading in suffering, hurt, fear and more.

So take a pause, choose Love to focus on, even if it is just a loving thought, do not try and fix or resolve anything, just make Loving be the authority inside you in this moment. Love the discomfort, listen to what it is telling you and comfort it n Love.Let go of the need to overcome and allow the flow of breath of Love relaxation to comfort and unknot the restriction that seems to be holding tight. You might find a misunderstanding a hurt, fear or more, bring loving to this one who is confused and lovingly forgive whatever you have judged in you, where you forgot, did not know you are Love, you are Loved. You do not have to prove to anyone that you are love just be that love you already are, this can be moment by moment as you learn to become attuned to your inner Love Authority. It is relaxed and in flow.

Answers in our life begin to flow as we open this vessel of Love. The places that are in restriction are in forgetfulness and will find Grace in the Loving release. Open to the Authority of Love, there will be no right or wrong, win or loose only expansion in Love, Joy, and Peace.

The Authority of Love… What a wonderful place to allow, look, attune to, as we walk through our day, moment by moment breath, by breath. Be this Love and allow this flow to guide you in your inner world, making this voice, this sense, expansion be your authority.

You are Beloved, to know this is a journey , the way is in Love even when you do not know it is present it is present.

Surrender to the Authority of Love Expansion in Light.