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Question and Answer – Receiving and Giving…


Today I have a question for you.

What would you like to receive, what would you like to let go of ?  What would you like to give?

Take out your journal or a pad of paper and be prepared to write.

Take a moment, Breathe, and allow your heart to speak. Allow the place inside that may be feeling in lack to ask a question, or just share what feels restricted, hurt or more.

When you hear yourself, know you are listening in love and there is an answer, be willing to receive in innocence. The process requires going inside, opening your heart to the Divine flow. This is loving flow, so whatever allows the love to blossom in your heart will begin to attune you. Then quiet your mind, breathe in the love, breathe out the love.

Allow what comes up to drift out. Listen in Love allow the flow of understanding to come present.  You may find doubt, hurt judgment, fear and more, these are the places that are holding you in restriction. These are the places that are waiting to be released in Loving Grace. Be willing to Receive love in these places, and forgive yourself for the judgements, the misunderstandings that keep you in this reality of lack, or separation.

Take moment and allow the flow to come forward as these things surface, you can choose to freeform write it out, bring love and forgiveness forward as you do this. Letting it all go. Do not reread what you have let go of, throw it away. Clearing space to hear what is truly calling you.

This is a process and can go as deep as you want, my recommendation is you call in the light  before you begin the process, allowing  the support of Spirit to direct all of this for the highest good.

Receiving and giving flow becomes one dance.

In Loving Service



On The Wings Of Love

Vector Love Wallpapers 1


Love Baby Love –

Mystic Love –

Comfort Love –

One Love –  Love Songs

Follow –

Heaven in Your Eyes –

Stand By Me –

Gold – LOVE


Oh, if a tree could wander
     and move with foot and wings!
It would not suffer the axe blows
     and not the pain of saws!
For would the sun not wander
     away in every night ?
How could at ev?ry morning
     the world be lighted up?
And if the oceans water
     would not rise to the sky,
How would the plants be quickened
     by streams and gentle rain?
The drop that left its homeland,
     the sea, and then returned ?
It found an oyster waiting
     and grew into a pearl.
Did Yusaf not leave his father,
     in grief and tears and despair?
Did he not, by such a journey,
     gain kingdom and fortune wide?
Did not the Prophet travel
     to far Medina, friend?
And there he found a new kingdom
     and ruled a hundred lands.
You lack a foot to travel?
     Then journey into yourself!
And like a mine of rubies
     receive the sunbeams? print!
Out of yourself ? such a journey
     will lead you to your self,
It leads to transformation
     of dust into pure gold!


All through eternity
Beauty unveils His exquisite form
in the solitude of nothingness;
He holds a mirror to His Face
and beholds His own beauty.
he is the knower and the known,
the seer and the seen;
No eye but His own
has ever looked upon this Universe.
His every quality finds an expression:
Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;
Love, the life-giving garden of this world.
Every branch and leaf and fruit
Reveals an aspect of His perfection-
They cypress give hint of His majesty,
The rose gives tidings of His beauty.
Whenever Beauty looks,
Love is also there;
Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek
Love lights Her fire from that flame.
When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night
Love comes and finds a heart
entangled in tresses.
Beauty and Love are as body and soul.
Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.
They have together
since the beginning of time-
Side by side, step by step.

Valentine – Strong – Love


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Origin of the word – Name – a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “strong.”

Receiving and giving in the flow  of Love – Strong in Love – relaxed -gentle -kind – vulnerable – safe -flow of Love. This is our true self…Love is beating our life – it is our source of being.

Be love it is who you are – acceptance.

Love is always, celebrate love in you and all. Everyday.

I celebrate you and me always.

In Loving Living Being…Christi


love magnet

Welcome the Love inspiration…

Happy New day, new breath, new opportunity, inspiration of love.

Be present and allow what ever is happening to relax away. Go within and be aware of your heart beat, your breath. Breathe – listen open –  let go – let love – let God.

Be Love inspired as you are actually the inspiration of God Love. Take a chance and quiet yourself, love the places that are in resistance, closed off, in survival, Breathe in the love and allow yourself to be in flow. Be open to the Love that is present and is available.

Consider what your life would look like if you were inspired in Love. Shift your intentions to begin with love, be the love and allow the inspiration from this uplifted place to flow out. Creating a loving environment within allows the outer to be inspired in this way. Love Inspiration.

This is a sweet moment by moment choice. If you notice you are in negativity, just pause and open to the loving breath, bring love to the place that is in need to judge and resist, it is only a place that is feeling in lack. Forgive yourself for judging your self and others. Bring love to that place that does this as it has forgotten that it is Love and Loved.

Love Inspiration will allow flow and support. Be open to receive and give in ease.

Be the Inspiration of Love you are. There is no lack.

In Loving Service






When we are in our center, Peace is present. When we are experiencing disturbance Peace is present.

Keeping our eye on our center, our Inner eye awake to the Divine flow allows change to expand us in ways that create more flow, more freedom within and the outer is more free in our experience.

Our Inner walls that we build as defense, separation keep showing themselves as truth, when they are the limited reality that is running us. Our lives become limited and more separation appears through making something wrong or someone wrong, this will keep us in a spin. Our hearts retract and we begin to build more walls, more specialness, more need.

I know about this walk as I am always working with theses places. The unraveling has been an amazing challenge at times, but, the one thing I know even when I don’t know it, is that no one else is causing my disturbance. I am responsible for me and my own walls are promoting, or allowing the disturbance. If I allow myself to be honest, which is hard for most, I allow my heart to move forward open my Inner Eye in Spirit and I experience the willingness to be present and heal, let go, let God.

Blame is never real, though that can be how it looks. Shifting the source of my life to God which is breathing me, allows me to know nothing is wrong. In this I am free to Love and flow in freedom within and this spills out.

I know this walk is a constant polishing and I am challenged over and over to choose the Freedom, the Love, empowering my Soul to lead.

Self protection is not in resistance it is in upliftment. Protection comes forward as I uplift and take responsibility for my own creations. All this experience is my co-creation. Understanding this is not about judgement, it is about compassion in love. If I can Love myself in all of the messy, I experience  how all that has been brought forward has been a gift to free me of my own walls. The need to feel I need protection, that there is something to fear. Fear is information. These are times I am in retraction. This does not mean I agree to take part in everything, as everything is not for me to take part in. Self discernment in my loving center is very different than when I am in a shut off place.

Karma will feel very charged and real, be willing to be with it in a focus of love winning over the walls of fear, victim or separation. This stories will keep us running. Karma is the illusion and is our opportunity to uplift in Grace. ( There is family Karma, There is collective Karma, There, personal Karma, and more, yet it all is part of the One, the whole of all). As we choose to be a responsible Co-creator and heal these places of separation walls we unlock the Karma of the Planet and more. We are the pebble in the pond affecting each other, wether we are aware of it or not.

This takes willingness to know the Beloved resides now within each of us. Choose in love to reveal what has been our withholding and thank all those who show up to present us with our challenges. They are just a messenger revealing to us the places we have been with-holing the Divine flow.

There is no wrong in the process, be willing , Be Love and it will unfold in Grace through honesty. Looking at how something has served us instead of seeing our selves as victims to any of it, is key to freedom and change. Change is not about wrongness, as all of our experience is to be the unfolding , the alchamy of the places that have been holding in separation of the Divine that is present now in us. This is the journey of the human awakening to the Beloved.

Many Loving Light Blessing in Each Breath – Be Free in Love…



Sharing – Offering of Love


Happy Thursday.

Make this day an offering in love. Take a pause and see, think, be the beauty that is present in the moment. There is always a bounty of beauty, of Love, of simple sweetness present.

Look inside yourself and bring it forward in your heart in your awareness. When you share with another, this will be your offering and it is present in your presence by being present with yourself and others.

Be calm, be relaxed and keep it simple. Love is Breathing you, it does not need to scream or control, it is present in simple calm loving breath.

BE the Love sharing in your breath, Be present in this moment in Love. It is a simple act of kindness in yourself and with others.

Make this life an offering of love, Be present in Love.

In loving Service and Gratitude