Stop~Drop & Roll

We find ourselves reacting in fear, anger, and many other ways as we are being lit up. This lighting up is like the fire that burns the seed for the new growth. Our emotions, our  reactions are just information. These are the places where there is an energy  block. A pattern that is held as truth in fear, hurt, sadness, powerlessness etc. These are the opportunities to stop, calm, and listen in loving. Allowing the discomfort to lead us to the new; putting the hurt  into the light can feel like we are on fire, ignoring it only fuels it. Bringing calm and love can bring healing through the light of grace, replacing the old negative story, energy block ,with the flow of spirit, the Divine you, opens to the Divine you are of.

When we are willing to pause and know there is love beyond the fear, we will be met with grace and the creative way of love in the light will appear. We will know all is good right now even when there seems to be a disturbance, a fire. This fire is leading us to our true self, or true way. It is not a fight, it is  flaming  to loving; this is where the fire will burn through and leave the new, growing in the light of the Divine Love.

You will know yourself as free from within and through these loving eyes and new knowing, you will see the steps to take or not take. You will know you are supported in love and that you will make choices from the loving, not fear or hurt. In this you will be met in loving abundance.

Much Love and Light ~ Christi

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