Be Love


This statement Be Love is shared in many ways. This can seem impossible when things are challenged.

If you find yourself withholding Love to someone, it is just information about some place in you that is in disturbance. Judging yourself only creates more disturbance. The answer is always going to be within you.We protect ourselves by shutting off, but the truth is we are shutting off to ourselves.

I suggest you stop focusing on the outside situation or person, go within yourself and be kind to the part thats is shutting off love. This is very important, as the flow of love light  is our source, and will be shut off in this area. It is hard to love someone else when you are not in your loving to yourself. you must start with you. Once you take the tender time to listen within, Love within ,all the things that are disturbed, this opens you to flow of  loving energy and will begin to spread into these areas. These areas have been blocked and are used to being in retraction, so they are very clever in hiding and denying it is about you. So be kind and patient but, be active in inviting the disturbance forward, then listening in loving to the upset. Allow the upset to step into the light and the loving answer to letting go will be more available.

If you are caught in shame, this will create a wall of doubt and unworthiness. This life is all about experiencing the ups and downs of being human. The Soul is unconditional love. There is truly nothing that binds us to our mistakes or negative thoughts. You are the co-creator of your reality inner and outer. Learn to observe yourself and take the time to pause and love the one inside that is withholding. Listen with freedom of forgiveness and love. You are the answer that will unbind these negative patterns, thoughts, and judgements. Give them up to the Loving Light.

Loving it all does not mean you have to hang out with it all. Choose what is uplifting. but first uplift yourself. This is the only way you can know what that is. It is your path, no one else can walk it for you.  Your compass is the Beloved within the Beloved . You hold the Keys to the Loving.

Be Love to You.

You will find you are met inside with a love that lifts in spirit, then there will be overflow.

This is an experience that has no words to truly describe it, yet you will know the Divine is present in you and all.  It is an expansion. Be open to the unknown , as that is the experience you are seeking, it is a Divine unknown that is available in every breath.You are encoded  with this, let go and let God.





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