Choice – Love – Truth


Breathe the fragrance Of love. Feel every cell open and let go…

Where are you holding on to restriction, retraction? What is holding back from receiving the fullness of the Divine Fragrance filling you? It is in your very breath.

You have the choice in every moment to open to the sweetness of the essence that is present  now. Take this moment, Breathe deeply, focus on the sweet fragrance that is present even if you do not know it. Let it surface and allow the restriction to fall away.

This is choice and where you are afraid will hold tight to stories that keep you in avoidance. Choosing to take part in things that are uplifting, expanding in love starts with-in. Then when opportunities to gather in the light appear you know the fragrance of Love is beckoning you.

Breathe in and open to the blooming that you have been avoiding, take the steps or step to allow the expansion to be supported.

It is your choice, it is love in truth. Avoiding keeps you busy and will always circle back, as your Beloved self is calling you always.

BE the Loving choice you are…

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