The space that seems to be holding you is the space of transition. Sometimes it may feel as though nothing is changing , that it is endless , yet it is in constant change. 

The illusion of the space you are in and experiencing is like the weather. The movement is always there even when there only seems to be clouds sitting in the way of the sun, or there is endless sun and no sign of water. The clouds or the sun are just there to bring awareness back to you as the co-creator. Giving you the experience you choose from, it is up to you how you experience these things .When we come back to your center love, the view can be abundant and perfect. Love the clouds, love the sun, they are just your messengers trying to get your attention to shift, focusing back your connection in your heart .  We lift when we are in our loving, all possibilities become apparent with  grace.

Build your life from love, not fear and you will build your core self from the never ending source. 

There will always be change, even if you do not see it on the outside , it is the inner experience that is the most profound and everlasting. Climbing the mountain physically may look profound , but climbing the mountain spiritually, internally is the most profound eternal transformation you will know. This will continue to be present and grow eternally. It is not something you can hold in your hand or measure, it is something you live and know. There are no words that can meet it, yet we try. The love is the connection and is available to all.

We are all made of the Divine love, we are living in the illusion of the negativity, as we deepen our connection to our source, love, we will know that to be where the answer grows. Our minds like to hold the stories that keep us focused on the negative, refocus on the love, give the situation or story love and let go. Relax into your true self and receive. Do not be fooled by the illusion, create the heaven you are, here from your center, your love. Be now in this moment free, be right now in your love, that is all there is. Now… Step… Love… Step … Love…  

Be Love…

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