When you ask for the light and it drops into your lap, you have to choose to stay with it.

Allowing the mind and psychic levels to lead us will only keep us running the same focus of beliefs and karma. Allowing a trust of the the higher levels of light to blaze our inner path, clearing the blocks and opening to the new and loving experience is the key to our own knowing and not knowing. 

Miracles are here, you have to be willing to receive them to experience them.

We ask for miracles and when they show up they may not look like what we thought they should or could but that is the trust of the loving abundance that is being placed at your feet.

You choose, you receive, or turn away. One day you will find your way because you are divine. It is up to you to open now or wait.

Be ready to be the light and choose the light that is here now.

“Ask and you shall receive” You have to be willing.

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