We feel plucked out from our center source when we look to the outer world for our confirmation.

When we learn to refocus towards our heart center then step in time with that beat, we will glide on the breeze of grace. Letting the answers lift us to the next step.

The hum of our loving heart soon fills our ears and our whole awareness begins to look different, feel different and is different. This dance can be slow or fast, it can be still even. There is no right or wrong. Learning to explore all of the experience, allowing it to teach and be what is full and abundant now, as opposed to what you expect full and abundant to look like.

When we allow, yet participate with willingness in our mind, body, and emotions, bringing a loving heart to all, we lift to our center, to our source of love and know we are not alone or in lack.

This is a real practice in using your divine ability to create by choosing to look at and let go of what does not serve you anymore. Be open to the unknown and taking the unknown steps. Even when it may seem impossible.  That belief or feeling is just your mind , beliefs and past telling you there are limits. We are creating this experience here and now. The past is the past, all that is available is now. Practice and move into what you would like to experience. focus on the loving and doors will open.

Start to create the world you would like to live in, from within. This will always be available and expand into creating your outer world.

We are abundant, loving, divine souls, playing in the this human experience. Look to your inner master , it is there.

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