We are here to play in the illusion. 

There are many ways to do this and stay entertained, yet we may become overwhelmed in the material world, believing it is what makes us happy and whole. We might even believe we need to protect our life, constantly standing in the way of flow and sharing by keeping the old habits beliefs, fears, judgment protected. 

When we realize none of these things are completing us, keeping us safe and loved, we may feel alone confused and betrayed. 

What we are seeking is love, what we are is love, be loving  to your fears and vulnerabilities, allowing your true powerful, gentle loving self to entertain in its authentic way. You will find the quite of your heart in the loving is tremendous, overflowing with the fullness you have been looking for.

You can relax in this overflow, in this Divine love. Be willing, and you will be met in this bliss of love. Let go of the protection and receive through sharing and loving. You are whole already. There is nothing to fear, it will be as it is, So be what you are, the Love. CM

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