I would like to thank all those who have shared with me, past, present and those who are still to come. This  includes family, friends ,strangers who pass through with a brief exchange, and those who come to share in the Light work that is always present to Give and Receive.

Thanks for Giving me the opportunity to share in all the colors of Love and Life that is present in each one of us. We all continue to change as we walk in this world experiencing the warmth and the cold of what is being offered in our creation. We always are rooted in the Light of Love.

The flow of our paths are directed in Peace and Love. These flow together naturally. Even when things appear to be moving away from the Love, we all have this Love desire in common. We all are the Light Light even if we do not know it. We will remember.

This is our Unity, it is brilliant and heart opening. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to hold in Love with you, even when it seems the most difficult. This is where the most brilliant light comes in and opens us to the Divinity we have been hiding in the shadows. I am in awe of all of us.

Thanks for Giving you in my life.

In Much Gratitude and Love


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