What’s In It For You?


Lately you may have noticed yourself feeling as though you keep going down a rabbit hole with all the challenges that we have in our daily life of creation.This world is offering its challenge in an abundant way.

The question you might want to ask yourself is “whats in it for me?” This question will lead you to self liberation if you are willing to take what is pulling and challenging as a gift to yourself to unpack and find freedom in your Love.

The things that you get pulled into are the very things that are calling you home. Home in the heart of spirit that you are and are of. If you knew you were a Divine being and that all the places you feel powerless, are places of misunderstanding and are being called into the light to expand in loving, bringing unity in Love once again. You would welcome the opportunity to liberate yourself once again.

We separate ourselves in our inner world, then we experience separation. We are the jail keeper,  and we are the liberator.

Yes you might say, that this is not true, that the evidence in the world shows that Love and choosing to Love is not powerful. It looks as though negativity is winning. What if you were to move into acceptance of what is in front of you then go inside and know you have the power to explore, and bring peace and harmony to the places that are in fear or anger etc.?Understanding what is is front of you brings opportunity for a shift of focus from within. What is here for me to Love in me. The war, the orphan, the fear, the anger and more. When these parts are acknowledged we become the answer of Love where we have felt separation. Give Love to these places first, then sharing in the world comes from Love, not the orphan or the anger, but from the Orphan or anger that knows Love.

When we become centered in Love we resonate this. this means loving our anger, comforting it with understanding but, not letting it run us. We begin to know we have the power of Love, which lifts our consciousness and allows understanding through communication in Grace. What if we were able to focus on our upset with the goal of Peace within, the goal to share peace? Bringing more peace into this creation by being the peace even when we are upset.

We are all connected. We vibrate information. If we keep moving into conflict to find the answer or try to make changes, we create conflict. We are Divine Beings who are remembering ourselves back to Love through all the negative creation we are taking part in.

Its like lifting weights, the more we lift ourselves in Love, we become Love and  will light a room of negativity by just being present, or the negativity does not stick and we keep moving in peace and Love.

So ” What’s in it for you” Is more Love, Peace, knowing yourself as this and walking in this creation sharing this. Knowing it is choice and you have the power to choose Love now.

Once again I say, Be the Love, Start with you by freeing the parts that are holding onto to separation through conflict in many ways. you hold the answers and you count.

Be the Love, Be the Grace

In Loving Gratitude…Light

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