Good Morning !



YOU ARE THE LIGHT- awaken to this within and be the walking Light.

Wake up to your inner Kingdom of Love and Light. Let this Light shine even in the places that want to hide. It is all here to be polished – remembering who – what you are. The Beloved.

Do not be afraid of your crevices, they are only here to enhance your own experience of Light and shadow. Choosing back to the loving by loving it all. This allows the flow of Light to be in ease and abundance.  Releasing your resistance to know all without fear and shame. Seeing it through your Divine eyes, calling yourself home.

Good Morning to You – Shine Bright – It is Natural- Relaxed and Flowing.

Breath in the love – Breath out the resistance – Breath in the Love – Breath out the upset- Breath in the Love – Breath Out you are in the Flow… Continue..


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