What You Cant See…


I am more aware of the push to trust the unseen, the inner experience is the guide and when I strain to see past, when I step outside myself, and want know – control  or move to the outside doing to get something- I miss the gift that is right here now. It is not a problem things are in movement – change. When we make an effort to change from a place of abandoning ourselves to please others, we might find walls everywhere. When we try and control just for the sake of knowing, what we think should happen, will happen, we will find walls everywhere. So what  can we you do?

I know we will hold tight to something saying it is a boundary- yet it is a control energy. This can create a block in energy and flow of love and clarity. We may even feel like we are more out of control inside because we keep having to keep walls, up. Relaxing inside is not available.

Finding balance and harmony inside, sharing and caring can look many ways, yet it does not involve control.  Love is Free inside and in our creation. Even if we agree to please  someone , many times  this does not come from free Love but, to make sure the other person does not get upset, or feels important. Why would we do that, because we are not in our center and sharing from the heart. We are sharing from another place.

How can we share without control, by being open to the unknown – and change – letting go of some of the things we may have held as the way.

Opening to the highest good is opening to Spirit- to the unknown and change. Grace will show itself for all concerned and through the process there will be unity in Love in freedom.We are supported in ways we can not imagine.

So take the time and breath deep, let go, and open to all possibilities in a peaceful, loving, supportive way for all. Place whatever may restricting you in the Light. Be open to the Love in guidance.  Getting the uplifting experience will prevail in the freedom to change in flow and share.

I only share this as this dance is my constant, what I want and what I think I want, or even what I plan is always a moving target. I have learned when I move from a mental, physical, must have place, not with Spirit alignment, everything seems to stop. I am pushed in ways that are uncomfortable  yet bring me the most amazing surprises of love if I let go and allow. The internal freedom becomes more and more natural . Letting go of the against stories, and considering a new step inside then the outer begins to unfold. Loosing control is truth as we are not in control anyhow. To know God within is to loose control yet, gain freedom.

So you choose once again, freedom or control.

Much Love and Light




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