The Gift is present now in this moment, the offering overflows.

It is difficult to receive when all you perceive is, it is not enough or not what I wanted, imagined.  When you feel unloved or unlovable, this will be how you experience everything. The mind will keep chattering about what is not, instead of being at Peace with an open heart, experiencing through the Loving Heart will open the mind and all shifts in the  Light.

Move to gratitude in your Heart, Be grateful to yourself and all that is present. Your world will open up in overflow. You are the key to all that is here in your reality.

Knowing you are responsible for your creation, can seem overwhelming. If you move to looking at all that is, through grateful, loving eyes, you will begin to experience, see the Bounty that is present , just on the other side of what seems limited, that view is just information about what you have been creating or created, Love it. See the illusion of separation you have created. Do not judge it, Love is the answer. Be grateful to all of it. It is all an opportunity to know yourself in the Power of Love that you are.

Receive the Gift of Love. Move inside for the Love where the Beloved resides and walk in the world with this being your guide. No one, nothing can take this away, as it is your very essence.

In Love and Gratitude


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