One Love


I have been given an opportunity to explore my own process of sharing.

Through this process of shining the light into places that hold onto a need for the response to my sharing in a certain way, I have an experience of  beauty in seeing the places that hold onto separation and lack. These places are control centers.

These places have a misunderstanding, that to know I am Love or Worthy, I need others to see me a certain way and respond to the sharing in a certain way so I know I am special.

I have been allowing myself the challenge to be self aware when I share a service, a gift or my work.  Am I looking for a response that makes me feel special or that I have purpose through the other persons response? Am I giving unconditionally or am I seeking something when giving?

I am becoming more relaxed within, as I have been able to take the moment of awareness, when abandoning myself to acknowledge what I am doing , when I become aware of sharing from a conditional place. Pausing in the honest discomfort and giving  Love and Comfort to that place that is reaching instead of being and flowing. Knowing it is only a place that has forgotten I am whole and we are one in the Divine Song of God. there are no limits and all flows from God. God is infinite Love. We are One…

So how do I stay attuned to this?  I go within and stay with the Loving within.  I am willing to keep going to the honest discomfort and Loving from with-in. Opening to Spirit through breath and meditation.

The wonderful thing about this, is my sharing is free as I move into the infinite Song I do not expect something, it already is. I am aware it is all one flow of giving and receiving. I am experiencing an open opportunity of love and neutral abundance. In this I know I am full and supported , Others do not hold the freedom or validation.

When I share I am open to the flow, giving and receiving are free in the exchange.

It is natural.

The ego and the places that forget and go into retraction, fear or need to control, are still present at times, it requires loving relaxation to move through this and let it fall away. I keep this as a constant loving refocus within.

The Freedom to share in giving and receiving becomes one of Ordinariness in Love. No one is more than another, we are one in the dance of sharing. Allowing all to express and dance free is the freedom of inner peace and love. The opportunity to share is uplifting in the freedom.

Be the Love -Sharing in overflow of knowing this with-in and walk in freedom. Sharing is also receiving, so observe how you receive. It is one dance.

Give yourself the opportunity, observe, be honest, and love it all. See what comes…

You are the Beloved Love Song of God. Dance within this and freedom in Loving flow will be present Now –  as it is already.


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