Thirty One Days of Love Letters

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I have an offering of love that is present to share.

We are awakening ourselves to the love that is present at all times, it Breathes us.

To come into contact or awareness of this loving, we must place our focus on this Love within. We do this in every breath, and be willing to explore all places of our inner self through Loving eyes, thought and being.

So I have a Loving challenge for you.

Write yourself a Love letter or Love note every day for 31 days. Even if it is just a Love word, take the time to pause in loving, and share this loving with yourself.

This challenge is to commit to 31 Days of Love Letter Writing,.

1) Make this a simple yet purposeful process.

2) Make this an experience of beauty and kindness.

3) Choose a journal, paper or pad, whatever moves you to write in this Loving process. .

3) When things get challenging, this is the perfect time to pause and read your love notes,  letters and write a new one if you have time. Make the time later.

4) Write love notes or letters to the part of you that may be feeling down, lost or off.

5) Then be aware of how you are within as you walk through your day.

6) Please feel free to share your experience here on my site, I would love to here and share your experiences.

So as I say, Be the Love and Share the love, Starting with yourself .

In love, Light and Gratitude


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