When we move into our freedom through Love, we loose control in the way of the world but, open to the unknown knowing. This is a very creative place that is not contained, yet it is in constant offering. Supply is Infinite, how you hold your inner world is the supply that is available. All of this is manifested in the Divine unknowing.

If you knew what you truly are , you would relax into the arms of the Divine Love that is generating all of this.

It can be a challenge to allow love to lead in your creativity – when we believe we will finally be happy or fulfilled by the outside world, we are focusing into the illusion – mentally and in lack. In this focus we rely on the limited reality of this world, forgetting we are the Source of the Source.  This world is temporary.

Going inward to open to the unknown knowing,  surrendering to the Beloved within for our guidance, we begin to let go of old patterns of illusion. Of separation – of lack. This is an experience of surrender, of being in the Now with no agenda but, Love. From this love we  create  a channel, a flow of Divine Presence within and co-create in the flow of the infinite supply. When we know this inside we are at peace and we walk in the moment in Grace no matter what may be happening. we let go of control in ease, gratitude and love.

Creating our own experience from fear or love it is our choice. To move inward, being with the stories that come forward while we  continue the focus on the Beloved Unknown can be liberating.  Lifting in the light, releasing these stories to the light.

I challenge you to let go in to the infinite unknown Love, and open to co-creating from this place. Receiving guidance in the quite will become ordinary.

The world is designed to change and challenge. When you choose to know the inner world is what it is all about, you will find the Peace, Love Freedom, and Abundance in all ways you are seeking.

You have the keys within – the infinite Design resides within you. The Beloved Song sings you, you must attune to this, you must be willing to be. There is play, joy, and love overflowing in this place. You are Love – You are of the Infinite Love. This is unknown to the mind. you can not grab this, it is an experience,  it is not still it is full and moving.

Challenge yourself to be Love and go within to know this.

Always on and in the Journey of the Infinite Divine Love…


3 thoughts on “Infinite

  1. Karen Williams

    Hi Beloved 💕

    I would love to share this with the Quantum Life community ❤️. I send out a ‘Quantum Way To Start Your Day’ every Monday morning at 7.30am. I’ll send you an example.

    Would you be ok with this?

    Divine Loving, Light & Appreciation. Karen

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