Letting go of control.

Jumping in even when its messy can bring more joy and freedom, knowing it all is about the play. Im talking about the play that may not be what you thought it should look like or be. Getting messy and letting that be the experience of joy.

Can you love the mud puddle? Can you  find someone to  jump in and dance,  sing and even cry with ? Know that  getting messy does not mean all is lost or ruined. The experience of letting go of control can be scary yet exhilarating, once you go for it. What are you going to loose? The fear, the restriction, the with-holding.

One of the beautiful things I am privileged to do is jump in the mud with people and watch them let go then let the Beloved come spilling in and out.  I too have this experience for myself, it is a privilege that I have given myself and continue to give myself, so I speak from experience. There may be tears , yet following the tears is freedom, is joy, is all possibilities of letting go and being authentic.

Less Perfection and More Authentic. That is the freedom of knowing you are not in control.  Having the experience of sharing and caring while jumping in the mud because the journey has mud puddles, is a sweetness of Love. We all take a bath and our hearts are free, we are no longer afraid of our mud holes, our vulnerabilities. We see them as sweet opportunities. to let go, and step out in play.  Once we know these places are just more opportunity to let go and know love is present, that if we make a mistake or things change or seem out of control. The outcome can still be joyful and uplifting when we look to the loving. These are the places to love.

If we stay stuck in looking at the mud hole, judging it for being there, wanting it to be different, we are stuck. So jump in, cross it, and  let go of the judgment , find a way to play in the mud. Transformation is in that moment. Love opens in us and we are free. No longer being run by a mud hole that is part of our path.  The mud hole has clean clear illuminating possibilities. It may have information, we created the mud hole so there is a gem within the muddle waiting.

So jump in, don’t be afraid of how you will look or feel, what others will think of you. it is all the beauty of the journey. you are beautiful when you let go. you are not in control.  It is your own mind that tells you the mud hole is bad or wrong. It may be the very thing that will set you free. The very thing you have been avoiding, judging, afraid of, could be the very thing that holds the key to the freedom you seek.

Perfection is in knowing the messy is perfectly human and Love is authentically  available , while we are messy.There is no perfection here, so go for the Authentic.

Be the love in every way even when you can’t see how. Love that.

Less Perfection – More Authenticity – More Freedom – More Love



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