Giving Up To Love


When we give up to love we are open up to freedom. This love I am speaking of is the Inner Kingdom of Love within, the Beloved you are and are of. This is not a possessive Love, this is relaxed and full within.

There is no wanting or sacrifice, it it overflowing with no limits. This is what – who you are. You are the beloved of the Beloved. What we give up are our fears, our judgments, our sense of separation. Just allow the places inside that do not know that we are Love,  that all is Beloved, to come forward then love them. When we choose to become the Master of our Inner world through love, we find our lives have flow and ease. We may still encounter challenges, but these are only gifts that allow us to Love the places that do not know all is well no matter what.

When I say all is well, we have Love available, the Divine flow of creation that we are of is available to assist in direction to uplift and assist ourselves and others. We are infinite Love, yet we the human do not know this. It is available now, yet we are learning to refocus, to go within, to generate within becoming the hum of love we are. When we move and relax into this, all the world opens up because the world is within.

Take time through out your day, Breath in the Light Breath in the love, experience this and love the places that resist. Repeat this until you experience the giving up of the retractions, separations, fears and more. Your Loving eyes will open and you will know you are not walking alone and you will be flowing from within  in ease, in Love, in Light. There will be calm and full within.

Be this loving song within and you will assist this world as this song touches all, because we are One. Do your part.

Much Love and Light




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