Loving Light Heals the Shadows…


I know these are challenging times. There seems to be an abundance of shadows creating a sense of confusion, fear, anger, hurt, sadness and more.

Just a reminder, there is more Light and it is more powerful. Moving inside to a place of receptivity can be as challenging as seeing the world in its shadowy places as running us. Choosing the Light, the Love is the way to the answers that brings the understanding, the door, the passage of Alchemy. This is a collective experience and as we personally choose to go with – in and work with our fears and shadows in Loving Light we illuminate the world.

Knowing the power of the Light, the Love you are and are of, creates connection of flow from and within this  Light Love Inspiration. Moving across our own inner planet we begin to see and experience the steps that can create a loving change. We are the answer to what we are afraid of or needing. We are supported and inspired in and of the Beloved.

You are Loved and you are Love. Choose to know this in the Infinite Flow of the Divine and there will always be a knowing of support. Even when it does not appear to be obvious, there is a knowing of Divine Love, that allows the Support to be present.

Do not be afraid as you are the Inspiration of Love of the Beloved and we are all One.

In Love, Light and Support



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