I want to share a bit about keeping the focus of Loving Transformation during these times of challenge. I know this is what I am constantly writing about and what the work is about. It is really not work ,it is about Love.

I was speaking with someone in Napa today, and the intense fires and energy that come with this, can be full of fear and vulnerable feeling. Fear for your life and what you know as home and safety in your world is being pulled apart. This has been happening everywhere as you probably know. Actually this is the condition of this world, change is always the constant, wether we see it or not. It all has purpose.

I would like to suggest if you are feeling out of control and fearful, take time to go inside and attune to the inner source. This is what we can do to change the situation in the moment. When we all re-frame ourselves to our inner world and if we see that we are feeling crazy inside, take time to attend to this. “Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.”

Sit down close your eyes, Breath in the Love, Breath out the fear, Breath in the Love Breath out the anger, Keep doing this over and over. Relax, just allow yourself to breath or be breathed. There is a letting go and a receiving happening here. You are Loved , you are safe, you are Love. Keep at this until you notice the quiet, the calm, your heart is open, relaxed. If you would like to assist in the peace, do this and send the Love and Light to the places inside first and ask for the Grace assistance. When you experience something lightening you –  know you have been met. Just allow the Peace, the comfort to sing you.

This transformation of your inner world is resonating in the whole of creation, as you go within and Lighten in Peace, in Love, you become a fountain. This spills into creation. Soothing the fires of the world, assisting in uplifting what is heavy.

When we panic and move into more polar energies we feed the fire.. It is okay when this happens, but this is where we can move to our Inner Master, not avoiding the fear but, listening, bringing Love and Healing to these places. This is the Transformation we Awaken to. We all are of Spirit, how awake to this we are is always being pushed. The challenges are calling us to choose the Awakening or the sleep. It is an amazing journey of our inner Divine Self coming to the forefront of our awareness, our experience. When we know this we can find the peace, love, and safety , the purpose in all. We can know the Divine in all even when it is a challenge.

So I send you the Love and Light that is and I also suggest you receive it, then send it to those situations that are in upset in ned. Start with your inner, when you have the experience of the Light Lightening, ask that the Light be sent to all that are in need. For the Highest Good.

In Love Light and Gratitude . You are Loved and you are Love, Breath in, receive, let go and Repeat as needed. Fountain of Love…Flowing…Quenching the fires of hurt and more.Illuminating All.

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