Peaceful Sharing – My Work is still in Loving Flow


I want to take a moment to say hello, and let you know that I am in a Love filled, Peace filled place Inner and Outer.

I am working with people and if you are in the area and would like a session I am here. I am also doing phone sessions and will do Skype once the internet is repaired.

In this time of great challenge we all have the opportunity to heal in love. Do not avoid yourself, you can panic and tend to move into survival. There is Loving support that will lift you from with in , so as you walk through the challenges you are walking in Love and the direction is up is Light. You may experience Grace in the midst of what seems overwhelming. Support in flow begins to show up in little and big ways. you will be able to have gratitude in each Breath, knowing all is evolving to Light to Love.

I am Grateful to have each of you in on my Path in my life. I am here to share in Love, In Light.

Sending Love, Light and Gratitude.



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