Peace With-In


We may find ourselves in upset, fear, distress, or more, when we do find these are our experiences inside, the path to Peace is to allow this to be what is.

Do not fight it or judge it, allow it and be open to allowing love to touch those thoughts, feeling and body tension. Do not fight this. Fight creates more tension and a sense of hopelessness. We love you, you are loved, all of you. The one who is afraid, the one who is confused. It s our healing to love all of you.

Receive this Love, Breath – in and relax, Let the Love soothe you. You are okay, you are supported, you do not do this alone. You are Divine, you are of – Breathed from infinite Love Creation. We only have to give up the control we keep thinking will save us that seems to be elusive. The support you seek is even bigger and is in the loving.

Pause and take time to heal, move into the Peace, the love inside, then walk in this world doing in Peace in Love, even when things are upset. When you feel overwhelmed it is the time to stop and take care of you, do not fight that. It is the process of healing all, including your neighbor. When we take care of ourselves, when we move in safety inside  we resonate :Love, Light, Peace. This touches all, as we are all this. We learn to love it all. Perfection is knowing and Loving the humaness, in this knowing there is a process of healing calling you.

Do not be afraid of your fear. It has a message of healing love. Dance with it in the light, do not place it in the dark. It will reveal the Beloved that is residing behind the Illusion.

You are Love, You are loved. All of You, Do not hide…You are seen, Be open to receiving and free yourself.

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