Sharing in Divine Ordinariness


The sweetness of each day is present in the innocence. The infinite possibilities are in the flow of the Divine.

Awakening to this infinite flow is the inner journey that we are walking. When we focus on the outer world as our truth, we will experience a feeling of need. Letting go of the control and allowing the places that hold tight to what we believe is perfection, right and wrong to come forward in the light, allows the alchemy of the patterns that keep you in separation of the Divine knowing, the flow. All is love in flow. It is a beingness that becomes a hum of Love of Light.

When we are afraid to be vulnerable, we are limiting our freedom. To Love unconditionally, you must first be able to Love all of yourself unconditionally. This can be scary. When we believe that the downs are bad and the ups are good, we have a polarity. to know all experience through Love is the freedom. To judge one as better than another is Karma. When we liberate the polarity and let go, the expansive Spiritual love is neither up or down, it is full, no lack. The whole is present within – the Beloved sings us.

This is a walk of innocence in the. willing Heart.

The thing I continue to be aware of is letting go of my position, my control, my need to know and allow the inspiration of experiencing the new knowing.. To be in the flow of Spirit, is to let go. This is a subtle and expansive flow. To touch into this we must go inward to the Beloved, We must be willing to illuminate the places that hold in separation,into the Love Light. We must trust in the love and let Go. This is a Love that goes beyond emotion and mind, it is peaceful expanded acceptance. It is the Infinite Divine that is breathing us.

Have a beautiful Loving Day. Divine Ordinary you, us, the is-ness, sings us everyday. We are One.



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