Right or Wrong? Veils of Karma -Illusion -Transformation – Love


I am writing this as I have been given an opportunity recently to be up close and personal with situations of polarity. People having an experience inside of having life turned upside down, feelings hurt and an experience of not being seen, loved or heard.

We all carry magnetic creation as we are in a realm of positive and negative polarity, which creates fields of illusion to explore. When we take a hard position and declare we are right and “they” are wrong, we deny an opportunity of love awakening in ourselves. We separate from ourselves when we shut off from others.

Many believe  boundaries are rigid, hard and shut off. This builds a small world of defensive experience and we continue to bring situations to ourselves of hurt and a need to defend. Our hearts close in retraction, we move into survival forgetting we are Divine.

We all have co-created from a place of forgetting what we are, the choice is to open to liberation through love not war. To awaken to the Divine flow of love we must open to love with-in. This resonates and we begin to know love is present even when things appear challenged. There is always Light and it is Infinite Love.

If we only focus on what we believe is wrong, we do not allow ourselves to illuminate the places that are calling from within in love. If we meet distress with distress, we have more distress .

Awakening is not an easy road, yet it is a road that is infinite and continues to amaze us with-in, as we become willing to let go of what we think is right or wrong and go for the love. Our ego will fight this, but it is not us.

This journey of Love is just that. What we “think” is love is usually veiled in illusion, to experience the Divine with-in goes beyond words yet, the experience is one that continues to expand and it is in a constant flow of more. We must choose to let go in order to know, the unknown knowing.

This world will always give us opportunity to choose againstness or to go for the gift in the experience with-in, awakening where we believe we were wronged or where we believed revenge was in order to be free. These are only places that are bound inside. Go for the highest good in Love and allow Spirit to assist in the process of working out a situation of polarity and you will find the freedom inside in love. You may be surprised at the Divine purpose of the experience if you are willing to know it all can be used for awakening. When you go for the awakening experience you will never forget.

I Love sharing  Love and once again thank you for all you bring.

The Whole is love and we are all Flex in it, we are One of Love…No separation when we awaken, we know this. So awaken the places with-in that still with hold in separation.  Love Breathes us.




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