Grace – Love – Gratitude


Free Love – Freedom in Love – Freedom in Sharing – Freedom in Choice

I am grateful to have this amazing path of sharing in the loving light in me and with others.

I have been doing this for 20 years and one of the gifts in this kind of sharing is I get to be free and so does everyone else. What I am choosing is for me but, not necessarily for everyone. What they choose is perfect for them and I celebrate all of it.

This path has given repeated opportunities to share and care and allow everyone their freedom to share the way they do. No control, nor does control actually exist. All that is happening is inside each person, so each of us in charge of ourselves, though it may seem like that is not happening. How we are reacting or self talking is a clue to what is controlling us.

I am in gratitude to continue my experience and witness my own opportunities to free myself with-in. As I do this I experience the world in new ways. Grace- Love- Gratitude are present even when things seem challenged. There is just another door being opened even in the sense of resistance. I take time to go to the door and explore the key that is waiting to unlock this place of separation. The key begins to show up in love and Grace is present, moving through the resistance the door swings wide open and I am free in Love.

Be the Love – Be Present – Free Yourself in side. Share in Care in your freedom.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Grace – Love – Gratitude

  1. Kat

    Thank you Christi! This post is beautiful and I could really feel it land and bring in light! Prayers to all dealing with devastating fires. Much love, Kathleen

    Kathleen Murphy

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