Be Present – Open Love – Inner Presence


Be Present – Open to the Inner Kingdom.

We are full of outer distractions, they all seem as though they are our life source, our way of survival or creating.

Remember you are aligned to co-create – this means your inner kingdom is what is resonating out, co-creating. This is met with more of what you put out. Wanting peace, wanting love, creates more want.

Be present in you, in your breath, in your heart, allow the things that are pulling you away from your inner PEACE, INNER LOVE to surface. When they appear, Breathe, relax, and listen. Learn to awaken those places through Love. This means open to the very things you hide knowingly or unknowingly – in shame or fear or hurt. These are in a holding pattern, holding you in that experience. Open your heart to these places, open to the light – open to understanding in Love that those places are in a state of misunderstanding, separation from the alignment the love the Divine, that is always present.

You are the key to your freedom. Freedom within resonated in creation. This comes through taking time in awareness with -in. Be present, Breathe, be aware of your heartbeat. Move into the flow of being Breathed, let go, Let God.

Be Present, step be present in your step, be still –  be present. Be Now, Be present in your Heart, in Your Breath. You will build from here the reality of Peace and harmony, you will begin to reconnect your own knowing of Divine Love that is Breathing you – Breathing all – Inspiration is present . Be Present…


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