When we are in the flow of love in Spirit we are relaxed and free. We see there is no need to create a sense of specialness, hierarchy or control . We walk and step in acceptance.

When we are grateful, we are in the flow of love. We know that everyone is Beloved and whatever each being is doing – God is their source for and of them. We are not their source. We are not doing a favor when we share, we are grateful for the opportunity to be in an exchange. To serve. It all comes from and goes to God.  We do not save people. They are Divine and it is all in and up to them. To receive in what is offered you must give up control, let go and allow.

Nothing in the material world can last, the only thing that is infinite is our Spirit, our Soul, the Source of all that is… infinite. God ( place the word that works for you here)

When we put all our value, our satisfaction in this world we will find a sense of need and lack constant inside or a sense of specialness need. No matter how many people, how much money or homes, or whatever you choose to seek in this world to feel complete, safe and loved you accumulate, it will never fill you. We are Divine beings and opening to this is a journey that opens the Inner worlds. This requires letting go of control. If we only value our own control, our own costume that “appears” to have it all on the outer, we will find that it is a house of cards. Love is generating all. Gratitude is the very thing that allows letting go and receiving.

To be the Love in Gratitude there is no possessiveness, there is honoring the Beloved within and the Beloved in others by its very nature of being. We are One of the Divine Being.

When we know we are Divine we do not see others in lack. we only see the Divine. If we have any positioning on this it will seep through any exchange we are involved in. Being honest and clear is challenging for most. This requires a big Love to stand in the very things we use as control and allow them to surface, seeing how they have been serving us in our search but, separating us in our self awakening. Limiting the Divine love flow, sharing and caring that we are seeking.

There are no favors, there are only opportunities. Check inside and see how that aligns in truth for you.

Truth is a constant exploration of letting go in vulnerability into a Love that continues to expand inside awakening in God, Divine. Be willing to let go of the illusions, into the I do not know and be willing to receive.  Sharing in gratitude in Love for all are opportunities.  Control will never hold, things will be in constant change and challenge anything we hold onto as the only way.

Open your heart to the walk of Freedom by, letting go of control and let go in vulnerable Love and acceptance.

Love is at the core of it all.

Be the Love Flow…





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