Acceptance Now



Refocus – be where you are now. Allow the places that are in resistance, are in fear, against ness or control to surface while you are in the seat of love.

To uplift, to fly, to be free, you can embrace the ones who are not sure, not feeling safe, and un-not them through love. When you lock down your mind and energy, trying to deny the places that are in separation, upset, and more, you may notice your belly is tight even your digestion is affected, you might notice other parts of your body holding tight not breathing, and in resistance to relaxation, to flow. Bearing down in many ways trying to deny the places that are in misunderstanding, in costume and afraid to be seen.

We are here to love, and it starts within you, to love all the places that seem unlovable in you. Bringing light to them, bringing them out of the cave into nurturing and forgiveness. This is a constant opportunity, as you become willing to embrace this, you will also find yourself living in love and Joy. Creativity becomes a flow of inspiration.

Love is inspiration, even if you are polishing a table, your focus will resonate, your being love will resonate in that action and place. The places that are in resistance keep that experience in a limited view. You may not experience the moment as Divine opportunity. These moments are perfect times to reveal your inner talk, your inner focus.

Use it all, allow it all to show you where you are withholding and then Love in forgiveness.

My work is here to assist you in this process. There are many supports for you to learn this as a way of life. Expanding your inner reality in love and allowing a new expanding outer experience. Sharing in freedom of love is an Inner Experience.

All of this is an experience not a mental process. Open your heart and as you do this you may find places of resistance, these are the places with all the gifts awaiting you.

Many Blessing Of Love Revealed to You. Be willing to open to the unknown. What is now is expanding new. Be willing to let go in vulnerable acceptance, you are not in control and the controller is the infinite love of Lovers.




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